GroupPro, group instances made easy


(maraCZ) #142

I wanted to try the GroupPro addon for Blender 2.8 but I can’t find where the buttons are located in the UI.

Edit: I forgot to reload the factory settings. Now it shows the shortcut Ctrl + X to activate the GroupPro pie menu.

(LooKahs) #143

Yes, CTRL + X worked for me as well.

However, will there be any icons in the future for 2.8? I guess it is slower, but I somehow liked having and using them with 2.79

(JoseConseco) #144

What do you mean @LooKahs ? There are icons in pie menu for GP:

They are bit random, but I will find better matching.

(LooKahs) #145

I meant icons in the side menu:

like in 2.79 image

(Peetie) #146

The past few builds of Blender 2.8, I get this error message when I select some objects and create a group of them:

File “C:\Users\Flatron\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\addons\GroupPro\”, line 309, in execute
newEmpty.dupli_type = ‘COLLECTION’
AttributeError: ‘Object’ object has no attribute ‘dupli_type’

location: :-1

Any Idea what it is?
It doesn’t happen in the build of 27 November

(JoseConseco) #147

@LooKahs - now this panel is on right (N). Tool panels is gone in 2.8 - addons can’t use it afaik.
@Peetie - fixed in 2.0.2, it was caused by blender API change.

(Peetie) #148

That’s quick, I thought I checked the latest version a few hours ago.
Got an error with 2.0.2 but after a restart of Blender it worked as expected.

(Artur Mandas) #149

Hi there,

this looks very interesting, especially because new collections in 2.8 are very limited.

My expected workflow is this: I have 1 scene where I have models as collections/groups nested inside others, and I link them to my “assembly” scene for instancing. I then can manipulated either a) top collection b) nested collections


Scene A:

Scene B:

Is GroupPro capable of doing this?

Best regards

(JoseConseco) #150

Yes, it can be used exactly that way. I just tested on 2 scenes setup.
But there is usually no need for ’ Parent Source group’ scene. When you want to edit Group you just do this by editing any of group instances on ‘assembly’ scene (you can open any group, or subgroups on you scene). Without GP, you were forced to edit just the original ‘master’ parent group - and then yes, it was usually the best way to save all master groups in separate ‘assembly’ scene.
Just watch video tutorial in first post @amandas

(Artur Mandas) #151

Hi @JoseConseco, thank you very much, I will strongly consider the asset then. Will check the tutorials.

(Artur Mandas) #152

Just to make sure: this works across files (so linking groups via file menu?)

(JoseConseco) #153

Linked library files is different thing. It won’t work. It is one of the things I want to look into in future.

(Artur Mandas) #154

I would be much obliged - this is a much sought feature, I guess not only by me.

(Dodododorian96) #155

Is the 2.8 version still in dev or is it done ? i want to incorporate it into my new 2.8 workflow i dont know if now is the time or not.

could we have more info on how it work now on 2.8? does it create new collection automatically for example ? is the new collection nested in the current collection?

thanks :slight_smile:

(JoseConseco) #156

Yes the 2.8 is already out. The group pro above 2.0 versions are for blender 2.8. 1.x series are for blender 2.79.
And yes, it is using collections, and they can be nested. The functionality is the same except, it works on collections.

(JoseConseco) #158

I can confirm. Will fix asap

(Dodododorian96) #159

also i have a little request, i would like to use the tab pie menu to go in and out of the group:

  • if i click on edit mode on a group it go inside of the group, if i click on object mode on while inside on the group it goes one back step back from the group.

so i need to create a script like this one

if object.context = ["group pro" type code]

same for object mode but with exit group.
i just dont know what “[“group pro” type code]” is, could you help me on that ?


i also found a lot more bugs, really like your add-on, i can’t wait to incorpore it into my workflow !

(JoseConseco) #160

The quiet update 2.0.4 is out with fix of your problem.

You can edit group if returned value is true:

dupliNames =[]
if len(bpy.context.scene.storedGroupSettings)>0:
    dupliNames = [[storage['currentEmptyName']] for storage in bpy.context.scene.storedGroupSettings ]
return context.active_object is not None and context.active_object.instance_collection and not in dupliNames

you can send bug report to discord channel:

(Dodododorian96) #161

i will try to report bugs when i can

thanks for your help about the code, but i’m new to coding and it didnt get to work it out, i got an error message saying that the last part of the code have an synthax error.

so basically the action i want to do is just four lines:

***if a grouppro is selected***          <- i didnt manage to get this result

(MACHIN3) #162

Checking in to confirm, you’ve received my email about an issue with dissolve and the mirror modifier.
I’ve had some reports about my emails landing in spam folders recently, so you may have to fish it out from there.