GroupPro, group instances made easy

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I’m on it. I will PM you.

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(masterxeon1001) #164

can i get b.boxes hidden in sculpt mode? Might be a tall order…

(JoseConseco) #165

Did you try to unchecked ‘Draw BBoxes’ in GP preferences:
image ?
Then it will draw only selected groups BBoxes, so no BBox when sculpting. But I think I can make additional option to hide bboxes in sculpt mode too, if above option is not enough.

(DDB) #166


i did incorpore GroupPro inside of my workflow afterall, now i can enter and exit group with the same button of edit and object mode from the mode pie menu. its really handy and really fast ! its also feel really natural.

here’s the code you need to replace for object mode and edit mode pie menu !


import bpy   

if len(bpy.context.selected_objects) == 0 :

if bpy.context.object.mode == 'OBJECT' : 

if bpy.context.object.mode != 'OBJECT' : 
    bpy.ops.object.mode_set(mode='OBJECT', toggle=False)

import bpy

if bpy.context.object.type == 'EMPTY':
if bpy.context.object.type != 'EMPTY':
    bpy.ops.object.mode_set(mode='EDIT', toggle=False)

so the code that i was asking by the autor is only working if you are already inside of a group, not if you are outside, selecting a grouop, that’s why i was so confuse.

(Nomo) #167


Shift+Left Click doesn’t seem to be working for going in and out of groups. Is this an ongoing issue due to recent left click tweaks and fixes?

(jachtarfranko) #168


function “Initialise groups” doesn`t work in 2.8 now.
Can you look at it please?


(JoseConseco) #169

Ok. thx for report i can confirm this bug.

(JoseConseco) #170

Fixed in new update:

Update 2.0.8(for Blender 2.8 only)

  • fixed initialize function
  • Added ability to group collections. See vid:
(bondnaruto) #171

After installation new 2.0.8 version of Group Pro, “Flip selection” stop working:( Reinstallation and installing old version not helping…:frowning:

And the same story when i try push buttons “Set Origin” in “3D Cursor”

(JoseConseco) #172

Ok, fixed in 2.0.9

  • fixed flip bug (blender api change)
  • flip - now is aware of previously created copy. It will update its position, instead of creating new instance of flip. Linked copy is determined by object name suffix (eg. name_r and name_l -> is proper linked mirror object name)

(bondnaruto) #173

I don’t understand what happening, but…

I have a “Scene Collection” which contain another collections with group inside

Choose - “Edit Group” and group or collection are duplicated in “Scene Collection”

Choose - “Close Group” and i have double of my group in the bottom (Scene Collection)

After these operation i choose group below and move it in to 97713 Collection. Only after that scene come back in original appearance.
What wrong with me:)?

(JoseConseco) #174

I can’t reproduce this bug.
Do you use latest GP version 2.0.11? It not please upgrade, lots for thing changed in that release.
If this persist, please share the blend.

In past edited group could be linked only to one parent group. But now since collection can have two or more parents, the edited group will be opened in all parent instances.

(bondnaruto) #175

I have latest GP.
My Scene
BugScene.7z (1.8 MB)

(JoseConseco) #176

Ok fix is out on gumroad. I didn’t change the version number of the addon.
BTW. for bug report you may wan to use:
Just so that people on this forum won’t have to read through this kind of boring bug conversation stuff.

(JoseConseco) #177

Made new video about automatic linking modifier objects and BatchOps intro/showcase:

(DDB) #178

2.0.14 is broken on last release of 2.8 for me

2.0.3 still worj tho

(JoseConseco) #179

I can’ recreate, this bug. Can you go to - addon preferences -> GPro -> update -> reinstall current version (requires internet access for downloading addon from server) -> and restart blender?

(MACHIN3) #180

FWIW, I don’t see any issue in MACHIN3tools either, which he reported to be having. I’m gonna assume the issue is on his side.

(DDB) #181

sorry its on my side, didnt get a clear date with my new external branch of 2.8