Hay Blender peeps.

Once i was messing with empty and a cube.
I was clicking something around groups and stuff
and somehow it happened that the empty
was starting to display or visualizing the cube
while the cube itself was on different layer.
I forgot what i pressed
and how i accidentally made it to happen.

Can someone maybe can briefly recall
to me how it was done if anyone knows?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe “Duplication” using groups?

Yes i was doing something like this, and empty turned green along with the object as identification that they belobg to same group i guess while it was starting to visualize the cube on itself.
I cant seem to set it up or get it or remember how it was done.
I am trying to mess with those options but it doesn’t do what it used to do… and i am confused why
it is not doing it anymore.

As i understand, the object is given a group originally.
Which empty can select in order to display the object right?
While i see your wireframe has not
turned green… maybe cause youre on different blenders version while i’m using 2.79b

I think i got it, this could work well i guess for displaying the same object in maps
instead of making duplications of things.