I have two groups one for the body and one for the hair…i want the body to have freestyle (outline) and the hair not to have outline as it takes too long…how do i do that…?

The first thing that comes to mind is to render two different layers, and combine them in composition…

I was thinking about that, but how do you combine in composition…I have one layer with a body with freestyle (outline) and I have another layer with hair done in zbrush that has a lot of polygons and I do not want to freestyle it because it takes too long to render each hair…so how to I just render the body with freestyle and the hair with out?

I found out I think by using photo shop, I make the hair with transparent back ground then slide it over her head …I hope I can do the position I want …thanks. If there is another way anyone please tell me…thanks

hard to say, but sure there can be other ways… (they will all depend on your scene, and the result you’re looking for… this is almost a law in 3d! :slight_smile: )

Secrop the composition does not work because my hair is in 3-d and when I put it on the head it just lay flat on the head not around the head…thanks any way unless you can do it a different way in blender…

can you post some images of your scene? a blend file with these particular objects would be better, and some images to show what your trying to get?
Maybe I can figure some kind of manageable approach…

You need to set up two scenes with two different render engines. Set the Freestyle scene to render using Blender Internal and set the body scene to render in Cycles. When you render a Cycles material in Blender Internal it turns in to a MATTE material and will correctly mask out the parts in the scene that you do not want. Then compositing becomes easy.

I cover how to do this in my Cloud layer planet tutorial which used BI for clouds and Cycles for the planet.

In ‘Freestyle Line Set’ parameters, you can select groups to render trough “Select by: Group” either in Exclusive or Inclusive mode.


This also might prove helpful. Not freestyle-related, but useful compositing techniques.