Grove testing for nature scene

Hi guys,

A few weeks bought the grove plugin/addon and now finaly got some time to test it.
First impressions are realle great!
Easy to do and with some tweeks also not that haevy.

Will post some renders over the couple of days/weeks.
Here is the first:

Also nice: only 20 samples used and with the new noise reduction: Radius 4, rest default.
exciting times for blender!

same settings, different hdri

same settings but with some cc
Just used the brances from the grove as young trees with particle system.
Further the grass assets from Blender guru, dead leaves
and some sticks I made a while back.

Also filmic ofcourse. It render in just over 3 minutes… loving the updates of blender :stuck_out_tongue:

Did a 3d scan and tried some thing out with some blender guru assets and the grove. I like that you can see it is a digital thing.