Growing a sapling tree from trunk outwards

Hey guys - apologies if this has been answered before; I ran a search and couldn’t find much.

With that said, I have a sapling tree that I’ve set up in Blender. I’m very happy with how it’s looking so far, but I’d like to animate it so that it grows from the base up, essentially having the branches grow outwards in a specified order.

Unfortunately, it looks like you can’t keyframe many of the properties in the Sapling panel. I’ve tried adjusting the start/end times for bevel depth, but this causes the branches to start animating before the trunk reaches their respective start points.

I’m totally stumped as to how to do this. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!


I have the same problem as you, so i’m sorry to not helping you, although since the 09/12/2014 you maybe have found a solution ?
I really would like to make a little animation with a growing tree, from the baby plant to the big old tree full of leaves, but i’m still stuck at this point.

So if anyone passing by have an idea, i would be happy to learn it ! :wink:

Thanks you !

(and sorry if my english looks weird sometimes, i’m french, you know…)