growing curves: elephants dream files?

Hi, is there anyone who can post the .blend file of the scene from Elephants Dream (at 7:57) in which Emo mocks Proog and tentacles sprout from behind the walls?

i would really rather not download the huge compressed orange studio .rar files, :eek: so if someone has it and can post it that would be great. i need to learn how to do that effect and i thought I’d pick apart that scene to figure it out. thanks! :slight_smile:

i think you want scene 8 shot 6. it’s 15meg old format, 55meg new; attachment limit size is 1 meg here. sorry. you should be able to find 08_06.blend somewhere…

but in short it’s a bevelled and tapered curve with hooks, about 8, that move and thus make it snake.

thanks for quick reply, but u didnt post anything… :wink:

oh… would it be too much trouble to upload it to a file sharing site? is a good one, if u have the time. thank you very much!


You know you can download the production files from the Elephant’s Dream website, don’t you?

thanks! im downloading scene 8 now, its 251 MB but not as bad as having to download the DVD iso. hope it works!

There are several ‘growing vines’ tuts on YouTube.

Here is an example of the technique PapaSmurf describes, but it is not the exact file from ED.

i downloaded the scene 8 files, but i cant find the right blend. any one know the exact name?
nemoDaedalus: thanks i saw a few already but i couldnt really understand.
Atom: thanks! downloading now…

Atom: thanks, was that from this tutorial? :wink:
its good to have a blend to pick apart because i could never follow what he did. i watched it like 4 times…:eek:
but i would still like to check out the ED files, if anyone can help. Thanks!