Growing flowers with geometry nodes

Beautiful work!

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Really nice stuff as usual. It could be cool if the petals were a little bit crumpled at the beginning, when they leave the bulb…
But anyway, congratulation

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Hey thanks a lot Skuax !
Indeed, some clever displace at the beginning could be a nice addition !

Hello ! Indeed I wasn’t very proud about the shading of the petals. It was more complicated than I thought !
The process is indeed a bit involved, but once you get it it’s basically a repetition of the same technique.
But I guess you need to be a bit at ease first.

Hello… very cool…
Can you post some of the geometric nodes so we can see how it was built?
I’m trying to do a field of flowers as well, but I can’t get the petals to rotate around the tops and have a randomness to all the petals, much less what you’re doing… which I would love to do… Please post up a clear version of your node tree.

Can you post your nodes? The images you posted are far too low res to see how it was built.

Hello !

I didn’t plan to post the .blend of the project, but just explaining the overall technical idea behind.
I’ll see if I can make a simplified version so you can use that as a starting point but as I’m quite busy these days don’t hold your breath !

Good luck !