Growing particle strands over a curve

hello to all,
someone knows how to do growing particle strands over a curve?
I need an effect like a growing plant around a column.


Curve Guides

The path a particle makes can also be defined by a Curve Object. You can add as many different Curves to a particle system you like, each Curve then only guiding the particles that fall within the influence distance. To use a Curve as Guide, you can set this in the Object context buttons, Physics tab, “Field” Panel.
The Curve needs the option “Path” set to work. Blender sets this option when you assign a Curve Object this force field type.
Set “MinDist” to force particles to follow the Curve entirely. Mindist is drawn with a circle on the Curve endpoints. The solid circle defines the starting point.
Set “MaxDist” to limit the influence of the Curve Guide.
Both “MinDist” and “MaxDist” only get evaluated for the position where a particle gets created.
Use “FallOff” to define how multiple Curve Guides cooperate. By default the influences get averaged, a higher “FallOff” makes the Guides to attract more particles when they’re close.
The Particle Lifetime always maps to the entire length of the Curve Path. An optional Path’s “Speed” Ipo also is being evaluated. Make sure sufficient key positions are set for a Particle system to match the path’s shape.
For static particles; the resolution of lines as drawn is defined by the Particle values “Step” and “Lifetime” (Step=2 Lifetime=50 draws 25 line pieces).

The Guides also work in conjunction with the other particle options (like setting start velicity or forces) and with other Force Fields. Moving guides will real-time update the Particle system.

I havn’t messed with it much myself but I hope this helps.