Growing Path

Been lurking for awhile, finally found a reason to register, and I hope to become a part of this extremely talented group of users.

On to my question.

This sounds simple enough, but I can’t seem to find a solution.
I want to have a path appear to “create” itself, for instance if I had an S curve, I need the S to start off as nothing, and increase in length until the S is complete, almost as if it were “drawing” itself into 3D space.

Hi !
I have written this some time ago in an other topic.
Does it fit your need ?

Here is a Blend file which could help you :
I think that it is what you want…
The object following a curve must have enough vertices (subdivided enough) to avoid distorsions.
If you want to avoid completely the distorsion of the head of the arrow, you can parent the head to the tail using vertex parenting, and the Head will be animate by the front vertices of the tail.
In this example, the arrow is a unique mesh.
I have used a plane with alpha 0 and Ztransp disabled to hide the beginning of the arrow.
If you want to move the arrow without stretching its tail, you can shorten the tail and remove the plane.

Hey ROUBAL, I didn’t end up using your example, but you helped turn the light-bulb on.
I used the same technique, but instead of having the object go beyond a plane like that, I used a shape key to make the arrow shorter, and then made another with it fully extended. Looks perfect, and no clipping is necessary.

Thanks so much.