Growing plant


What I am trying to do is an animation of an object, which grows while time passes. Like a growing plant. I was thinking of a tube(cable) which follows a path of 3d coordinates starting of this the length of 0 and growing to full length.
Does anybody know how to accomplish this? All animation information I found so far don’t cover this.

I have done something like that.
I used empties on paths and used the empties as hooks for the
branches of the plant. To animate the growing leaves I used Shape Keys.
The only problem I encountered is that you only have one set of UV coordinates but the leaf is growing and thus geometry is changing which leads
to distorted textures.

I’d like to post a video of my results, but I don’t know how…

luckily it can be done a whole lot easier, using shape keys. Create a cylinder and size it to a stem, press ctrl+a to apply scale, go into edit mode (tab) and then make the stem longer (preferrably by raising the upper vertices) and then press I to insert a shape key (select Mesh in the menu). This way, you have a stem and a ‘growth-slider’ (look in your action-window!), it can’t be easier :smiley:

Thanks! I will try the shape keys. I hope that technique works for me.

shape keys will not look very organic and it is too much work. I achieved the best result using paths. Also you can easily adjust the paths without being forced to start all over again.
By the way, at the end of Elephants dream, there are these tentacles, some of them also growing.

Okay, as I can’t upload a video I try to upload some images to show my
results with paths.