Growing vines issue with 2.71

Here is a newer video showing a technique for growing vines that has been online for a few years. The technique shown here works in 2.70 and prior, but is funked in 2.71. To make the vines grow, the second Bezier now needs to be rotated on Z 180, plus the vine grows in reverse along the path. Just thought I’d mention it, if there is a solution overlooked or it is borked for some other greater goods reason.

did you try this option

All was tried. If you have 2.71 installed, give the 1 minute process a try, it does not work in 2.71.

all i want to say is just move the sliders and the curve grows(without this taper object hook thing)

the growing direction depends on the direction of the curve arrows (edit mode you can see them)

you can switch the direction, edit mode,curve-segments-switch direction. or hit w on keybord

I put together a quick video showing 2.70, 2.71, and 2.71 with your partial fix, as the 2nd bezier still needs to be flipped on Z. Using the start and end sliders does not accomplish the same result, at least not with my limited knowledge.

Video was all done in Blender, so I’m learning…