(blender_man) #1

Whadda ya think?

It took me about an hour to make, it’s a goblin type creature
(i only made the site 2mins ago to post the pic so don’t bother goin on anything else)

(pofo) #2

It’s a start, but it needs alot of work.

First of all, he needs more of a head, it looks as if it’s sized just to make room for the eyes and mouth. Then there’s all the little things, like lips, ears, eyelids etc.

Keep at it

  1. pofo

(haunt_house) #3

visit a good dentist, please

(TurboG) #4

Did you moddel the teeth or is that just a texture. It looks like a picture you applied as a texture. Maybe turn the camera slightly. For all we know, this thing may be totaly flat :stuck_out_tongue: Come from a different angle…


Possibly Better:


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