Grumman F6F Hellcat

Hi all!

Here’s my latest WIP:
It’s a Grumman F6F Hellcat (with custom paint job) :evilgrin:
C&C welcome!


BTW, Here’s a closeup of the design on the nose:


Looks nice, but…that’s a dog.

Yeah, I wanted to make it a cat but…

OK fine, (sigh), good point, I’ll make a cat. I thought I might get away with it… :wink:

Hi All!

Update: I only changed the artwork on the nose to a cat (plus some other minor stuff)


I did some more texturing/modelling, mainly around the nose:


the cat’s not really that great, i prefered the dog

Yeah I probably preferred the dog too, it’s just a little ironic if you know what I mean.

Yeah? I like the dog too (I’m not so good at drawing cats :no: )

maybe I should put something on that doesn’t clash with the name of the aircraft? Like a scull :evilgrin:

Well thanks for the comments!


any thoughts?