Grumpy old men

Just a silly idea. I combined my Batman model with the older Judge Dredd model I made a while back. Not in the vein of Simon Bisleys ‘Judgment of Gotham’, but will do for me for now.

The picture also contains my first ever thing made in Inkscape, and that’s the title with bullet holes.

Render in Blender internal, post pro in Photoshop and Inkscape.

Brilliant work my only crit would be that the characters need lighting up a bit.

Nice characters, but the lighting needs work.

The picture is like I wanted it to be, so I won’t be doing any alterations on it, but I do appriciate the comments.

The lighting has a couple problems, but what I noticed problems with was the skin shader. Still, though texturing is pretty great and the modelling is well done, too.

I have been watching the work on batman and thought that was cool, I never realised you had done Judge Dredd as well.

The texturing on batman looks great and you have done Dredds jawline justice :slight_smile:

Any plans for these guys now? A Dredd vs. Batman comic?

BlackBoe: If you refer on that a bit oversaturated light look on the skin, that’s the end result of post production, as is the whole bit washed out color scheme.

UpDownLeftRight: Thanks. If you check my web sites (link in my sig) 3D gallery, you’ll find the original Dredd render there. I have no plans for these characters for now, but they both did turn out decent, and as they both belong into my favourite characters pool, I might do some more renders with them, together or alone.

I don’t refer to that. :stuck_out_tongue: