Grunge Guitar.

Old model used in a material and lighting test:

The guitar players amongst you will notice that the strings are all the same thickness – I had to do that because anti-aliasing super thin strings is a bitch :stuck_out_tongue:

Great model, good textures and lighting, and I also like the DoF. The textures especially and the cigs give the whole scene a truly grungy look. One crit on the mentioned cigs; it’s not likely that a) a cigarette pack of a grungy guitar player would be perfectly intact and closed (plus it lacks the typical bottom half of the plastic wrapper), b) that the cigs would lie on the ground “unsmoked” so to speak, and in such perfect condition. Other than that you did a pretty solid job.

Not sure if you want crits but heres a few things i noticed. Is the dof hand done, cause it looks a little patchey in some areas towards the back corners? Also the floor boards look a bit small compared to the size of everything else. Overall it looks great, effective lighting and great textures!

I love Nirvana thank you so much for that pic!!! :slight_smile:

Good feel overall. I agree with the cigarettes comments. The strings should get progressively thicker from right to left of image. I know you mentioned the aliasing issue but if you make them thicker it should be OK (most of those grunge guys are rhythm players anyway). The polepieces on the pickups don’t line up with the strings but they should. The pickups should be centered under the strings. The knobs should stand proud of the guitar body, these knobs are not conducive to quick adjustment while playing.

Suggestions: The guitar looks abused but the plastic pickguard is pristine. It would look more believable as a grunge axe if the pickguard was scratched like hell. The neck side of the lead pickup bobbin should be worn slightly also. Now that would scream abused grunge guitar hahaha…

As you may have guessed I have a lot to say when it comes to guitars, It’s been kind of an addiction for the past 27 years…

<edit>It’s also missing a few beer bottles for good form!</edit>

really very good with the lighting and the textures! is the DOF done in blender? and what renderer did you use?

only crit is that the scratch plate is too perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

Awsome! Nirvana!

ok we´ve seen the reference now show us the render plz
no, out of jokes, its :o freaking awsome.
btw i was searching for bugs on the img almost 15 min an found nothing

a beautiful render. Just a comment on the wood texture. The planks look kinda small compared to the guitar. I have such floor in my house and seen it in many places and its usually bigger. Well thats in my opininon . otherwise you guitar is awesome!

OK, very nice work.

Here’s some crits and things that caught my eye:

-The way the spec/glow attenuates on the brighter areas, like the cig and the cig box is very unreal.
-The clouds on the guitar, they look like they’re supposed to be a reflection, though I’m not sure htey succeeded. If it’s not a reflection it looks like it’s supposed to be, and it looks as if it was done poorly. It’s not bad, the color is good.
-The drawings on the guitar don’t quite fit, either in composition or in actual rendering quality. They stand out and don’t seem to actually exist on the material at all. The DOF hinders this further on where it says “nirvana”.
-The wire around the left side of the scene where it’s at an almost right angle with the cig box it seems to be floating above the wood, as well as there is a small visible poly.
-to the left of “nirvana” the texture tiles obviously

Overall a very nice render, composition and lighting set a real mood. I’ve a hard time deciding whether the glow is too much or not.

Keep it up!

That is the best render i have seen for a looooong time!