Grungit : 1-click wear and tear for Blender

The feature has been added to Grungit 1.8 and it’s available for download


Wow thank you I’ll give it a go this weekend. I didn’t expect it to be accepted and added that quickly. I know a few other artists who might need this as well so I’ll let them know.

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Really, this was something I too was thinking to put as a request. Having simply the masks is very important. You take them and build your own material.

The main needed thing is to have a variety of good masks. There lies the power of Substance Painter like apps besides. It is the vast variety of masks producing abilities they have that give them their so impressive power.


Just a personal request tho, i’ve been having problem buying stuff on blendermarket & gumroad for a year, worked fine last year ( 2018 ) but now it just won’t let me buy stuff. But artstation market is still fine to me tho, so can you upload this to artstation market please ? I’d love to buy it but other 2 sites keep throwing error :frowning:

Can you send me your email in a DM?

Finished a small project using grungit and i was wondering how can i incorporate the bevel node into it, i tried the simple method of just plugging it into the normal input like usual but there was a lot of flicker while animating it, it’s probably due to the denoiser though and not grungit


You just need to have the bevel node connected to the principled BSDF node before applying Grungit, or add it to the first “Normal” input (usually “Grungit”, but can be “Dirt” if that’s the only node you’re using). It works as expected.
(I can’t distinguish the flickering from video compression artifacts in the video you attached BTW)

The flickering could be due to the increased detail in the normals? Maybe reducing/removing the bump strength could help.
as a side note you should increase the samples in the bevel node to 8 or more, I noticed that it wasn’t very smooth and consistent when using only 4 samples

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Oh sorry the video i posted doesn’t have the problem because i removed the bevel node before rendering, i did a few tests and the problem seems to be unrelated to Grungit and happens when you animate the bevel node radius & use the denoiser on a fractured mesh

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Is it possible to put only scratches or only cracks -in various degrees- on the edges (without mixing them with the general grunge which is produced by default)?

I’m not sure I 100% understand what you want, but isn’t that just a matter of changing the values?

I did find the way to achieve it. It was something that has to do with changing the values indeed. Still learning its use! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good to hear!

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Recently purchased Grungit but can’t get it to work in the version of Blender I wish to.
Using newer version through ecycles, 2.83.5, but it crashes upon click of anything with Grungit on it.
Am I just too ahead of the curve? lol

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Hi Robert,
Someone else reported the same issue, Blender E-Cycles crashes as soon as you apply Grungit, and it looks like it’s from E-Cycles end for now.

From the Gumroad page of E-Cycles:

Known Limitations of the RTX version:
Raytracing nodes (Bevel and AO)

Grungit uses the Bevel, AO and baking only when you apply it for the first time. Once it’s done and the texture is generated, you can use models that have Grungit applied with E-Cycles without any issue.
I recommend opening the model in official/daily blender Builds, apply Grungit, then bring the model back to your scene in E-Cycels

There is a similar limitation with OptiX in the official builds where it throws an error if you use AO, Bevel or try to bake. I made a workaround that switches temporarily to CUDA and then back to OptiX once it’s done. However I am not sure it’s possible to do that with E-Cycles, I presume the backend is changed so much. I don’t have a copy and cannot test it myself.

Your quick response is appreciated.
It is as surmised. I will let them know. (Thought I saw the guy here…)

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I previously reported here some issues, but I got swamped with a project and wasn’t able to follow up.

I have installed the newest version of Grungit. Baking does not complete for me. I am currently baking a helmet mesh at 1K. It bakes everything except one corner of the texture. Upon finishing, Cycles will no longer work. It just says “Cancel” in the corner of the screen. Below are the texture and a screenshot of how it looks in Eevee (which is the only way to preview it).

EDIT: I should note, I only ran into this issue after the first update that added baking of details from the mesh normal map into the Grungit maps. Before everything was working fine.

EDIT 2: Switching to CPU rendering allows it to work in Cycles, and switching back to GPU rendering breaks it again. I have a 2070 Super, so memory issues on a tiny helmet file seem out of the question. I have no idea what could be causing GPU rendering to just cease functioning like this.

Another thing to note. I tried just baking in CPU only mode to see if that would allow the bake to finish, and instead it crashes every single time.
TestHelmet.blend (1.3 MB)


Can you try with “(re) create normal maps” enabled? it seems to work fine for me. I have an RTX 2070 as well.

I will try and fix the issue properly ASAP.

That worked. lol. Didn’t even think to try that.

So, it’s only baking on the original mesh UVs that is broken then. I typically like to use the UVs on the mesh, if they have them, since they are way better than auto UVs. I can deal with this until you manage a fix!

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Honestly I have no idea why it’s broken with this model specifically. I tried other scenes and I could barely make blender complain a little bit when “(re)create uv maps” was disabled (the uv mapping node explicitly sets UV to “Grungit”, even if it didn’t exist. Normally this means it would fallback to the default UV channel).
I made it so it doesn’t create that UV map node if “(re)create UV map” isn’t selected, thinking this would fix it, but apparently that wasn’t the issue. can you still test 1.8.2 and see if it works without changing the settings?
My guess is that it has something to do with the model itself, like a corrupt texture, UV data, normal data, vertex data…etc. Something deep withing Blender’s code that breaks the Cycles kernel when it encounters the complex baker node. Unfortunately the error codes don’t help me a lot.
If this is the only model you encounter issues with, just proceed with CPU baking. Otherwise let me know so I can have more examples to study and experiment with.

Tried it with 1.8.2, same result and crashes most of the time with GPU and CPU rendering.