Grungy Game Scene.

Is it my imagination or do the barrels look small? or maybe the wall is to big?
No Compositing, and I still need to bake the lighting affects, so it does well in the game engine.

Yea i would say it looks ok. Yea i think you’ve got to correct the scale of the objects, but its a bit difficult to say without other more prominent objects in the scene to help gauge the scale.

Another thing is that the graffiti on the walls looks too ‘Ms Paint’ to me. Looks like a giant toddler has got a hold of giant crayons and continued to deface the wall. Maybe look at more reference images to get a better idea for the textures.

Are you in the process of making a game, or just experimenting with the game engine?

I think barrels like that would normally be waist or chest high. I don’t know if that’s the scale you were aiming for, but if it is, the graffiti goes too far up the wall - nobody could reach that high to paint.

AFAIK, not many graffiti artists go around with ladders :wink:

I also agree with klauser, the graffiti looks too rough/chunky. But the barrels look great.

Just experiments and thanks for your input it really means a lot.

After looking at some reference I repainted the graffiti, and tried to make some look worn away.