Grunpy Guy

Remember when your mom told you not to screw up your face, because it might stick that way? Well this guy didn’t listen! hehe This is a characature of a guy I play chess with, but i don’t think I’m going to show it to him. :o

wow thats fantastic modron.

wacom tablet???

i love the scratches into the black area, it makes it feel like a woodblock print or relief type print.

very effective


Yep, WACOM tablet. Thanks. I use clayboard alot, which gives the same light on dark effect, when used with watercolor, but using the WACOM tablet is much easier.

Excellent drawing. Great character.

You should model him. :smiley:


has some similarities of the shading style of robert crumb…
i like these.


i like this one, nice work :slight_smile:

Nice job, he’s got to be modeled :slight_smile:

Thanks, I don’t know if I will model him myself, but I once said that people were free to use anything I put up in here as a resourse, unless stated otherwise, which still applies, so, anyone who wants to model him, please be my guest.

Great caricature. I take it you let this guy win… all the time. :smiley: