Grzegorz Chyl - animations

Installation of the cabin
Type half-round: [video][/video]

Two types:

  1. using dowels: [video][/video]
  1. for glue: [video][/video]

Installation of 2 types cabin:

  1. KN: [video][/video]
  1. DJ: [video][/video]

no comments?

I think these are all very well done, as in top pro, and would certainly be handy during an actual install. That said, some context would be good. Are these for a client or just you practicing or building a portfolio?

thx. First animation was created for learning animation in blender. The rest of them were prepared for the customer (and portfolio too).

It is no exaggeration for me to say I would hire you if I saw these examples. They are as good as any I have seen, and I have seen a few.

Re-opened at OP request