gSculpt - Open Source Procedural Modeller, Announcement


I have recently released gSculpt v0.99.5-alpha.
gSculpt is an open source, procedural 3d modelling application.
It has a comprehensive set of polygon modelling tools, similar to those in Wings3D.
It is still alpha release, so early days yet.
You can find it at
It only runs on Linux at the moment.
I would be interested in any feedback with regards to peoples experience with compiling it (it is available in source form only at the moment) and using it.
It is written in Python and C++.
Its procedural nature (the operations required to build a model from scratch are accessible in a list) means that it should be pretty good for making modelling tutorials, as you can scan through the construction procedure, while viewing the model from any angle.

I hope that those of you who try it have fun with it.


  • MrMeanie

P.S. I would very much appreciate assistance from any developers out there with experience in porting Linux applications to Windows, be it either in an advisory or active capacity.

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Well… It didn’t compile with your scons script…

(Blender compiles with scons just fine so the environment is ok)

command returns the following errors:

AND python install gets the following errors:

and that’s that. Suggestions?

“procedural 3d modelling application” >>> What does that mean?

Joongle: By the looks of it, you don’t have the boost libraries installed. Please go to the documentation page on the website, and check the list of dependencies/libraries that are required :slight_smile: Please post again, or e-mail me at the address listed in the contacts section of the website if you still have difficulties.

bigbad: ‘Procedural modelling application’ means that rather than just storing the model that you built, gSculpt stores the entire procedure (steps) required to build it from scratch. This is often referred to as a construction history in other applications.

  • MrMeanie

Glad to see GSculpt is still around after all these years… though I do prefer the mushroom of your 0.3 version…

Wow, from the tool set seems like an awsome program I’ll need to play with this when I get home.

UglyMike: Hehe, the new mushroom was modelled in about 5 minutes as a very simple example file. No care went into it at all!

Good to see you posting over here. I’ve been having network troubles. So haven’t logged into my linux setup online to set all of the dependencies up yet. But I knew that you would find some linux users over here. The nets back up so I will be checking it out today.


gSculpt runs on Windows now. There is a Windows version of v0.99.5.3-alpha available from the website:

When downloading, please check the documentation page on the website to ensure that you have downloaded all the other little packages that gSculpt needs in order to run.


  • MrMeanie


The author accepts no responsibility for any financial loss, hair loss, or sanity loss.

Uh I have nothing to lose, only to gain :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways your working fast, I’ll give the windows edition a whirl when I get home.