I was recently browsing through and came across a 3d modeling program call gsculpt. i downloaded it and it is a very powerful 3d modeling tool just as good as wings if not better. it can do things that not even wings can do like inseting regions and retopolizing geometry. i was very surprised it only had 6000 downloads.

there is a lot of potential for this software if only it got more recognition. its currently only developed by one person. right now it still needs some minor improvements but in my opinion in the long run this has a lot more potential than wings if it got the recognition it deserved. What are your thoughts and opinions?

There is already a discussion about this topic here . I think there a link to the Google vid where the developer talks about his project at last year’s Blender conference (a bit long but interesting) in the first post .

I haven’t tried it yet though the undo/history thing he demonstrates seems very interesting .