GSoC 2011, Garlic Branch

i searched the forum for a thread about garlic and didn’t find any, so i got a question, how to contribute translation to the garlic project???
anyone got idea???

maybe xiao can answer :slight_smile:

Yeah, i’m also interested in providing translation for it! The only info i’ve found on the Garlic branch is here:

@pesho: thanks for the page, it seems that will be waiting for xiao to finish for us to start :slight_smile:

1st but i don’t have a team, i’m on my own.where i can find a template to translate from?
i think that after finishing the code there will be an English template to translate from!!!

i’m available daily for about 2 h, and as i see 1 month to do all the translation alone, also ready to be in a team.

The .po files are located both in the googlecode repository and in the main trunk. Just ask for a branch and they will set you up!

can’t i just translate the .po locally on my pc then submit a patch to merge in trunk?

Hi bat3a, you can do it alone as you wish. If there’s anyone who interested to work with you, it will be better for you guys to work together. The PO file in Branch is used for team work like translation and review, once it finished you can update it from branch into trunk. Release team will pick the PO from trunk only for the offical build.

You are free to work in your local and once confirm done, commit it into trunk. But I may suggest there at least two people could cross check and review all the translation, which would be more accurate for each line and also share the workload. Please give me your email I will give you the read-write access for Google code svn, and also let me know which language you would like to do the translation so I can generate the template for your work based on the latest version POT file.