Gsoc 2012 Announced, blender awarded 16 projects

Disclaimer: The BF have not confirmed that these are the final proposals yet. I remember that there were some last minute changes last year…

Tool development - Antonis Riakiotakis (Mentor: Sergey Sharybin)
This project aims to add various tools to blender, related to texturing workflow. Tools include rake brushes for texture paint, separate alpha masks for texture paint, maintain image tool, isomap based unwrapping.

FBX Importer - Alexander Gessler (Mentor: LetterRip)
FBX is a powerful file format most commonly used to interchange data between Autodesk ™ products. With its highly-developed pipeline it offers a very efficient way of dealing with scene data, unfortunately, being proprietary to Autodesk and by design accessible only by a SDK, support in the Open Source world is rare. My proposal is to implement a FBX importer for the Open Asset Import Library (assimp) and to embed assimp into Blender, which will ultimatively give Blender FBX import support.

Developing of modeling Tools: Bevel, Bridge, Boolean. - Alexander Mokhov (Mentor: Howard Trickey)
This project devoted to developing and improving of some modeling tools for Blender.

Mesh smoothing based on curvature flow operator in a diffusion equation. - Alexander Pinzon Fernandez (Mentor: Daneil Genrich)
Computer graphics objects reconstructed from real world contain undesirable noise. A Mesh smoothing removes undesirable noise while still preserving desirable geometric and shape of the original model. This project improving the mesh smoothing tools in blender, based on curvature flow operator in a diffusion equation.

OpenGL Mobile Compatibility and Android Port - Alexandr Kuznetsov (Mentor: Ton Roosendaal)
This project aims to made OpenGL slightly faster and compatible with OpenGL ES in order to port Blender Player to Android. This would include port of libs, ghost and build infrastructure. At the end Blender Games can be played on Android.

New tesselator + “nice triangles” - Andrei Simionescu (Mentor: Campbell Barton)
The idea is to build a new tessellation tool to replace the old scanfill one. The new tesselator should be fast, first of all, but also handle degeneracies, handle non-planer polygons, deal with the general case of polygons containing other polygons. Post-processing the tessellation/triangulation to make “nice” triangles/quads/etc. as a basis for an improved ‘Beautify’ tool.

Viewport FX - Jason Wilkins (Mentor: Ton Roosendaal)
Improve the performance, flexibility, and customization of the 3D view port.

User Interface Tasklist
Jorge Rodriguez (Mentor: Thomas Dinges)
I will be working on a list of improvements to Blender’s operators and user interface. Some of these items come from the Blender Wiki and bug tracker and some come from my own observations. I will be focusing on usability and user interface.

Precision Modeling Tools - Luke Frisken (Mentor: Martin Poirier)
Add several new, and more flexible snapping and constraint modes to Blender. Eventually work towards incorporating these features into several more tools such as knife and loop cut. Addition of several new tools such as a extrude by rail, and a pen tool which makes extensive use of snapping/constraint modes.

Smoke Simulator Improvements - MiikaH (Mentor: Daniel Genrich)
The goal of this project is to improve Blender’s smoke simulator with various new features to allow creation of even more realistic visual effects.

BGE Converter Improvements - Mitchell Stokes (Mentor: Dalai Felinto)
Various converter improvements such as saving out converted data to disk and allowing for asynchronous level loading.

Multitouch Framework - Nicholas Rishel (Mentor: Mike Erwin)
Extending recognition for multitouch input for SDL for the purpose of navigation, and a framework for future additions. As envisioned, the immediate result would serve as a compliment to a stylus. This would prepare Blender for the incoming Slate form factor machines (see Samsung Series 7 Slate and Asus Eee EP121), and potentially ease ports to Android touch devices.

Improve COLLADA constrained animations and Morph animation support. - Phabtar (Mentor: LetterRip)
This project will be to Improve the COLLADA im/export functions of constrained animations, including Baked IK animations and IK chain animations. Also the project will attempt to implement Morph constraint animations in COLLADA.

Adding Subsurface Scattering to Cycles - Roger Wilco (Mentor: Brecht Van Lommel)
Subsurface Scattering (SSS) describes how light penetrates a surface and exits at some other point. This makes the surface look translucent and is required to make things like skin or milk, which are naturally translucent, look realistic.

Bullet Integration - Sergej Reich (Mentor: Aligorith)
This project aims at continuing the work done by Joshua Leung for the Google Summer of Code 2010, integrating the bullet physics library natively into blender so users don’t have to go through the clumsy process of running their simulations inside blenders game engine

Adapting the Hive system for the Blender Game Engine - Spencer Alves (Mentor: Benoit Bolsee)
This project aims to make a more accessible, efficient, and useful editor for logic systems in the Blender Game Engine by integrating the Hive systems project into Blender.

Some interesting proposals here, i´m very excited to see new texturing/modeling tools and specially Jason Wilkins at viewport performance boost make me happy. Thanks for sharing!

With Roger Wilco on board, what can go wrong?

Thanks for the great news Gustav.

I hope Bullet Integration will make it this time.

Space Quest reference FTW! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great stuff!

Will it be a salad bowl for blending? A fruit assortment? A collection of meats? Anything can go in a blender these days.

Aint that the truth. :smiley:


bullet integration!! yay :smiley:

wow 16 proyects thats an impresive view, just a question, there are any plans for Alembic integration ??

Well … better than nothing.

Yeah I was disappointed to not see Alembic support in there either. However, seeing both FBX and continued collada development gives me a warm fuzzy. Not to mention performance improvements, Bullet, SSS and MOAR MODELING TOOLS!!

I’m pretty sure Alembic is already being integrated in Blender, just not via the Google Summer of code.

About the Blender for Android: A few weeks ago, I couldn’t understand why we needed Blender for Android, now that I see that the goal is to port the game engine, I think it became my favorite project. The Multitouch Framework will also be a neat addition to say the least.

Most interested in SSS, physics sans game engine, and better/more modeling tools, most specifically the bridge and bevel tools. Also, with the texturing tools, is the UV image editor going to take a gimp-like turn? That would certainly be interesting…

WOW. That’s quite a list of impressive projects. I’m especially excited for SSS in Cycles, no more faking it! I was really hoping to see microdisplacements included, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers. I’m making a lot of headway in learning c++ recently, and will be going back to school to complete my Comp Sci degree in the fall, so who knows? Maybe I’ll be working on Blender through GSoC in a couple of years :wink:

Great news, almost all of them sound incredibly exiting to me, I hope that they all make it into Blender :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, smoke sim improvements from Miika! I think I’m as excited for this as I was for camera tracking last summer! Subsurface scattering for Cycles sounds cool too, and native Bullet physics integration instead of using the BGE will be great to have as well…
Here’s hoping all the projects make it in this year!

Fantastic! I am most excited about view port and UI improvements, and smoke sim development!

I know I ask this all the time when the smoke sim is brought up, but does this have a chance to fix or at least improve those pesky jagged edges that are so prevalent for me?
Perhaps I am just doing it wrong, but it seems Gottfried Hoffman talked about it sometime as well.

Anyway, I don’t want to clog this thread. Good luck to all the participants!

viewport improovment, yes yes YES!


we didn’t get a single proposal for alembic integration. Regarding how ‘final’ the list is - some projects already have been discussed to have some changes in priority/scope.

and what happens TO SCULPT ???

Overall, consolidation of Blender’s features, increased robustness, and usability, rather than ‘candy’ - which is excellent to see.