GSoC 2012 Improving Mesh Smoothing tool in Blender

Hi all

I invite you to join my project in Blender.

I created a blog for this project, the address is
On this website I’ll put information about the project development

This project proposes a new and robust mesh smoothing tool for blender user that require improves the appearance of surfaces models.

New methods to scan computer graphics objects using the Kinect ZCam within Blender, need to remove the noise present at the time of capture.

In the figure above, you can see the problem applying smoothing with blender (Figure b), it shows how you lose detail at the edge on the eyelid of the eye. Figure c smoothing was performed with the method proposed and the detail was not lost on the eyelid.

Thanks to the Blender Foundation for the opportunity,
and I am very happy to work with you.

Alexander Pinzon Fernandez

Looks interesting. Does this method do any decimation [polyreduction] ?

It’s an interesting idea and research area, but the proposed method does not simplify the mesh.

Looks really nice, I don’t really use mesh-smooth that often but it is a very welcome improvement :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for working on it.

Well only thing to comment to this - is that it would be great if this algorithm would be used also during sculpting, and by the smooth modifier. It looks very promising. Is there some kind of shape analysis going on, so that it can detect features of the mesh?

I know farsthary have done a bit work in this area. Dunno if it useful for your project:

Thanks for the info.
I have seen examples of smoothing, and I think they are local methods, I will try to contact the author.

One of the goals of the project, which allows the algorithm to remove noise during the sculpting process, while preserving the desired characteristics of the model.

Hi, Apinzonf, and welcome to the Blender community!
the laplacian algorithm of Farshary is so awesome that I still ukeep an old version of Blender with it and use it when I model characters! In fact, this is the only thing thatstops me to go to the new Bmesh versions…
Could it be possible for youto update the patch for the Bmesh? Farsthary doesnt have internet for a few months now, so no matter how many times I asked him he doesnt answer me!
And it is very essential algorithm which you can use for your projects too!
Please, answer me with yes or no, cause I asked this question to many coders on BlenderArtists and noone actually answers me…
like my question is too stupid to deserve answer…

At this point I have no time to integrate the work of Farshary, this work looks awesome and very good.

actually, this algorithm is what you search too - it is used for moothing with preserving details and noth shrinking the mesh from scanned data - see this paper on google : Improved Laplacian Smoothing of Noisy Surface Meshes - it has everything you need!

EDIT: sorry this question was answered previously.

Partial results
The current progress in my work for the sushi branch Google Summer of Code 2012 project.
In this link you can download linux an windows versions to test.

cool! I’ll follow also this one :smiley:

This project is a very important one for sculpting. It will be great to see how it progresses when it gets applied to sculpting brushes.

keep it up!

No way. Currently he is on Cuba without internet.

Well… What Could you say?

I think I said this elsewhere… this technology should be integrated into blender.
I’m just wondering if SSD would still be a modifier (depending on how Pixar coded it)