GSOC 2012 - Modeling Tools: Bevel, Bridge, Boolean.

(RedTriangle) #1

My name is Mokhov Alexander, and I’m the student working on the modelling tools (Bevel, Bridge, Boolean) for this year’s GSOC.

The main goal this project use new BMesh core for modelling tools.
I plan
The correctly worked Bevel tool
Bevel tool with support 2d spline profile
Implementation of Bridge tools
Implementation of Booleans tools with support NGons

(robart) #2

Hi Alexander, have you seen this bevel tool for 3ds max ?!
Are you going to fix the simple bevel that curently doesn’t work very well or make something more advanced ?
Anyway you seem to have some heavy tasks there :slight_smile: i wish you luck !

(RedTriangle) #3

Thanks Robart.
I planned fix current bevel. About advanced, it depends of time. I will do my best.

(RedTriangle) #4

Thanks Robart.
I planned fix current bevel. About advanced, it depends of time. I will do my best.

(marcoG_ita) #5

Super useful project, the quad chamfer robart mentioned is super cool indeed and support for 2d spline profile is great! Have you seen the round bevel by HowardT? Are you going to support him with it?

Kind regards

(Carrozza) #6

Excellent project, RedTriangle, you focus on very important aspects.
Go for it! :slight_smile:

(howardt) #7

I am Alexander’s mentor, so he is aware of what I’ve been doing with bevel round.

(kakachiex2) #8

For reference on boolea see groboto excelent Boolean modeling tool

(marcoG_ita) #9

Great, thanks for pointing it out. Best wishes with for your work.


(m9105826) #10

That quad chamfer video is impressive but jesus I always forget how horrible 3DS is to look at. It’s like Autodesk just vomited all over the screen and was like, “screw it, people will pay for it anyway.”

(tyrant monkey) #11

Is there space in you project to bring some tools that where in previous versions of blender? Loop cut is still missing, up to now, the proportion and percentage options it used to have in 2.49. And smooth vertex since the bmesh merge has lost its axis specific smoothing that it used to have in 2.62.

I miss those tools but I understand if your focus is on newer things.

(Guran) #12

Yes I really miss the proportion and percentage from the edge slide in Blender 2.4x too!

Maybe the BMesh suggesetion page would help with some ideas if you haven’t checked it:

Good luck with your project!

(zeauro) #13

This is really pleasant to know that bridge tools will have its gsoc.

What does that mean ?
Will you change “bevel object” workflow ?
Does that mean that we could use several 2D spline profiles for a bevelled curve ?

Yes I really miss the proportion and percentage from the edge slide in Blender 2.4x too!


(aidyfuzz) #14

This is sounding great, will the bridge be similiar in ways to the tools recently updated for bmesh by crouch?..



(3Duaun) #15

I too would like to urge for a modifier much like the chamfer one in the 3DS Max video listed above, it VERY versatile, especially so being a modifier.

(theApe) #16

Seems you´ve narrowed your tasks to a couple of tools, which I understand completely, but if you ever find the extra time, here are som pet peeves of mine, that makes modeling in Blender a chore:

  1. A region extrude that works like the one in Wings 3d, am I the only one who finds this more intuitive? At least give us an option for an outcome like this (wings result on the right)…
  2. Inset is new, so I´m forgiving the coders for not making an inset region/individual option. Right now, it only works if faces are not connected, otherwise it affects the group of faces like one big one.

Just try out Wings 3D FFS!! :wink:

(xrg) #17

Setting the thickness to 0 and messing with depth on inset gives me the result on the right, or perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you’re pointing out.

Jonathan demos it around the 10:30 minute mark or so. Link

(theApe) #18

Yes, you misunderstood :slight_smile: I was referring to how the region extrude tool works, not the inset.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #19

But if you can get the result you want using Inset why do you want to use Extrude for it?

/me is confused.

(theApe) #20

Fair enough, why make a proper extrude tool when you can use quirky workarounds with a tool that wasn´t made for that. Apparently you guys don´t mind slow modeling, to each their own…