GSOC 2013 - Viewport FX II - any news on it?

I was just wondering if anyone did get any updates on Jason Wilkins’s​ Viewport FX II implementation…?

All the GSoC Students post weekly updates to this mailing list.

i’ve been following the mailing list since the start,but when it comes to the viewport project I don’t actually understand whats happening, as its all tech-talk

only one I can follow is psy-fi’s texture paint updates.

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Jwilkens has indeed been doing some heavy development in the last few weeks, the main purpose of the project is to modernize the viewport code, remove all of the old cruft, and get it compatible with OpenGL ES (which is what the Android OS uses).

Initially, there may not be a whole lot that will be visible to the user, but it will likely provide a foundation for full-blown Android/mobile support and a much faster viewport.

oooh thanks , i had gone to
and he doesnt appear there so i got totally lost


Yeah, I don’t know why he never filled that out. He had a slow start due to some merging issues irrc, but he’s been committing quite steadily the past few weeks.

I hope its all successful,this is perhaps the most important thing to me.

Any news? This is really one of the most important blender evolution.

nope, nothing new for now. Just some guys r posting links to mail lists from GSOC, like its something understandable for artists )

after bmesh this is the most awaited blender improvement.
hope we do not wait as much as bmesh

It looks like the project has gone live again.

Compile fixes for the branch

A fix for negative light indices

And a much bigger commit; GPU clipping module and basic support for it (no GLSL support yet though)

good to see some progress even though i don’t understand any of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, same is here: good to know about project, nothing understandable. Someone cast a pro code-mage in here, maybe he can xplain stuff for us )

Make Blender viewport superfast. :slight_smile:
Look here for more info:

Cheers, mib.

No no no, mate, we know what the project is! We cant understand last updates and what they are all about in eehhhmm… details? )

Oh, miss understood it, if I meet him on #blendercoders I poke him to look here.
He is there from time to time.

Cheers, mib.

Thank you mib2berlin big time

Sorry noob question:

Is there any way to do a Viewport FX II Crowd Funding ?

to get substantial contributions from the Blender community for this implementation will be a winwin for all.


Blender is crowd funded already? you can participate by donating here –

or supporting gooseberry, the blender film which is looking for donations here –

Infact, it was one of the first applications of crowd funding on the internet back in 2002, and raised 100,000 EUR –