GSoC 2016 - Multi-view Camera Reconstruction

Hi everyone,

I am hlzz001(tianwei37) on irc:#blendercoders and will be working on the motion tracking system this summer, fortunately supported by GSoC 2016. You can find my proposal at Blender wiki:

Besides, I also maintain the progress in my blog here:

I am doing research on the camera tracking system at this stage. Suggestions and comments are very welcome and appreciated. You can also leave a message here about what you would like the motion tracking system to be. I am happy that I could contribute to Blender and hope my work would benefit blender users.

Updates (July-23-2016):
I have finished a basic function of this multiview solver and am now working on the UI side. This is where I need to gather suggestions and user experiences from you guys.

The pipeline would work like this:

  1. open a MCE and load the primary clip
  2. open another MCE and load the witness clip
  3. place some markers on each of them and get these markers tracked.
  4. next, change to ‘Correspondence’ mode in the primary MCE (the one you first open)
  5. select one track in the left MCE (I assume this is your primary MCE) and then select one track in the right MCE.
  6. Hit ‘Link’ button on the left panel of the primary MCE. The marker in the left MCE should be marked with another color.
  7. repeat 5-6 until you have more than 8 linked tracks.
  8. finally, hit ‘Solve Multiview Camera’ button. Hopefully, you will get the two video clips solve, together.

I am uploaded a mac-build in (in /incoming folder), since I am mainly working under mac os. The ftp server will be cleared regularly so if you cannot find a build there, please let me know. Of course, you can also build from source, by first checkout to the multiview branch:

git fetch
git checkout soc-2016-multiview

The ‘correspondence’ mode for specifying correspondences across clips should look like this, and it’s the stuff that I am currently working on:

Feel free to drop me questions and provide feedbacks and suggestions about the user interface. Thanks.

It would be good to have some kind of variable focal length tracking, the actual solver can only handle shots with a fixed focal length which for some shots with zoom is not possible to track perfectly.

Hi Tianwei,

I have been eagerly following your GSOC project and your weekly reports. :slight_smile:
I read in your latest week 7 report that you now want testers… great.
Is there a test-build we can download somewhere?
What is the name of your branch? I dont have much knowledge to build software, but I can try to build myself .


Hi! I would also be interested in testing, but don’t know, how to get a build of your branch. I would try on my own, but the documentation only seems to apply to building the latest master. Any hint would be great! Thanks.

Hi blendfan, thanks for your interests. If you’d like to build from source, you can basically follow the documentation you have pointed out. The major difference is that you need to checkout to another branch before you build the software:

git checkout soc-2016-multiview

Feel free to drop me questions if you encounter any.

Guys, you can also trying the Mac version which I built and put it in the ‘incoming’ folder of

It is a regularly changing directory so I am not sure if you can find it. Poke me if you can not find it and I will build a latest version and put it there.

Hi Tianwei, i looked at the incoming folder. But there is nothing there. Would be Uberfine if you could provide a Macbuild here or somewhere else.
Best Regards.

Hi, Tianwei! I too would like to try this assembly! there is only a version of the Mac? Is there a version of win? and where I can download?