GSOC 2019 Proposal - Outliner Improvements

Looks like there will be many much needed improvements for the Outliner this year from Nathan Craddock.
Full details here…


C4D has the best outliner in the world. This dev could take some notes from there. :wink:


Coming from MODO, I sure miss a lot from the their outliner also.
I dont think there’s much interest about this news though…more interest in keeping blender internal in 2.8.:crazy_face:

I second that.
C4D’s “Outliner” aka “Object Manager” is the best I ever used. Here’s a nice and slow lesson: :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah, totally. Like the color labels.

yes please!

Sadly, yes. We should be moving forwards, not back to the 00s. This has been a regular problem with Blender users.

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i also love the tagging system of the c4d outliner.

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The Outliner is one of the areas in Blender with most room for improvement. There is so much low hanging fruit here, in terms of selection, drag & drop, switching context, cooperating with the Properties.

Even just doing a handful of improvements to basic interaction has the potential to have a big impact on Blender’s ease of use.

The Outliner is relatively well-suited to a GSOC-project, because many improvements can be made here, mostly independently of other areas.


Maybe finally a chance to move UI lists like materials, vertex colors or uv maps into outliner. These are little outliners in properties and other windows, with crazy bad scrolling, accessibility, and editability.


The outliner should be like a control room for your blend file.


Yes, a tagging system is something that is badly needed.
I use it in so many other programs, makes multiple categorizing of things so useful.
Beats coming up with funky ways of naming files or folders for blender.
Hope this 2.80 release happens scheduled for the end of this month…fingers crossed!

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There has already been some input in this thread:

Will those ideas be considered during the Ouliner Improvements in 2019?

It was not in Nathan’s proposal, but he did say that he was open to suggestions from the blender community.

I would say that if there is enough requests for this option, he would consider it.
You might want to post to the thread you referenced and gain support with the other posters there, and all send a request to Nathan.

Sorry to invade this thread. But, is it being discussed somewhere the recent changes in Outliner?
I did not understand it at all. Why disable/enable object to render possibility was removed? Is this still work in progress?

Unless you mean something else, you can still show the render button in the outliner. It’s just hidden/disabled inside that filter button.

Weird choice to make it hidden by default imo.


I would never have thought that there could be settings related to it in that button, I thought that they were only filters for the search. I also do not understand why this is disabled by default.
About the check boxes for collections, I think the idea of this has been that it works like the arrange in boxes for view layers that we have in 2.79 at bottom. What I do not understand is why when you disable a collection the content disappears from outliner. I imagine that for better organization you will always want to see the content of the collections even though it is disabled. I’m not sure if grayed out the content can be confused with disabling viewport view, but perhaps there should be another way to indicate that it is disabled but without the elements disappear from outliner (strikethrough text, color change, a mark, etc). Or perhaps none of the buttons on the right should grayed out the content, and reserve grayed out text only for disabled collections and its content.

Hi, over the Years I saw many many reports in forums or even in bug tracker like:
“I miss objects in final render but work fine in the preview”
Often new user hide objects accidentally in the outliner and have no idea why it not render.
I think this was the reason to disable it per default.
Only one click for an advanced user to get the setting back.

Cheers, mib


Hi mib. Yes, you may be right. We would have to see if now we will not have the same amount of queries about how to disable elements for render only. Another small problem that I see, is that with RMB over a collection an user still can disable visibility for render in a collection, regardless of which render visibility icon column is not visible, and therefore without having quick visual feedback of which collections are enabled/disabled to render. So I hope the new user realizes that he can enable the column of icons for render visibility to make his life easier.

How about a padlock option on top of each column, with Render Visibility locked by default to make it harder for the user to change it by accident?

It might be replaced with questions that berate the developers for being unable to grasp the concept of not having certain objects appear in the render (even though you can still do that) :open_mouth:

Development can be seen as a no-win career in this respect.

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