GSOC Bullet animation

I know you are not supposed to use a test build of software for a real project, but I just have to take a chance with the uber cool bullet engine in the latest daily builds.

This is the middle part of a longer animation introducing something called “End User System Transformation”. Before this will be a single line of dominoes falling and pressing a button, which will start the process in this video. There is a lot of things I need to do, but the finished animation with voice over must be completed for a Wednesday am final render. I hope to finish the entire rough) animation today, render over night, then start tweaking things like adding some depth to the floor.

Any other ideas or suggestions are more than welcome!

Really cool animation, just wondering, what made you decide to keep the “dominos” slightly above the floor rather than resting on the floor? just curious. Would love to see the finished version. I’ve been having fun with bullet integration, now that it is in the trunk it will be nice to be able to also use motion blur.

Actually it wasn’t by choice, that is the .04 margin around the dominoes. That was going to be one of the last things I fix. Though it does kind of fit the feel I am going with.

It’s really come along nice…I was wondering when you were going to add the activate button :slight_smile: The smoke rising was a nice touch too.