GSOC Collada and import/export API

no one has been talking about these GSOC projects!!!

from the mailing lists they sound pretty good so far!

I’ve just tried building the collada one but am obviously missing a dependancy… It;s using "open collada isn’t it?

can’t find COLLADASWScene.h (and about 20 others all starting with “COLLADASW”!)

will try and build the import/export api project instead!

Yes it’s a bit of a shame, as it is going to be some of the most important additions to blender in the long run. I’m personally very excited for all improvements made regarding COLLADA.

Very important projects indeed! I can hardly wait!

Well the most people are just look cursorily (damn english dictionary … there are 10 english possible words for this >.< which one should I choose :evilgrin:) at things. They’re looking for stuff like light painting, viewport optimizsation or raytrace optimization because that’s stuff which you can experience right from the start. Stuff like collada support is mostly backend stuff which doesn’t really interests many users. They want cool stuff to play around with (smoke simulator :p). I’m sure more experienced users really appreciate things like this even if it seems there’s no real attention on it (how shall you show that you’re interested in it? With other projects you can make some tests immediately and share your results. Not so easy with Collada support.)

I’m just curious how the difference is going to be. I’ve never used Collada files but I’m really excited of what it is capable.

I do think that Collada Export / import will be very important for Blender’s future. Having Collada means that Blender will be able to play on even terms with the big boys. It seems to be THE WAY to include Blender in existing pipelines.

Couldn’t agree more. Especially seeing that Lightwave Core will use collada as its native scene files format.

Now that autodesk owns everything it makes me hope that collada will remain a viable alternative to fbx…

Autodesk are really pushing fbx for interoperability with the apps they own and are adding all sorts of custom extensions to that aim…

with that in mind I hope for easy customisation of an exporter to allow export of custom properties… i have no idea how that could be handled…

but I always have to transfer stuff to Maya for clients…a lot… and am currently relying on fbx and a lot of custom scripting…(which costs me a week or two with each new client! (not healthy, but on long contracts it’s proved worth it!)

Collada Export is shaping up. I’ve been following the dev list and build from the gsoc svn chingiz branch from time to time. The last build required modified make files for opencollada for it to work but these were provided by the gsoc dev.

collada is absolutely precious/key for working with game engines and for inter operability with other 3D packages/teams.

I would very much like improved Collada plugins for Blender to have a solid pipeline to move content back and forth between Blender and Maya. What is the latest on these plugins? In particular, does anyone know anything beyond what I see on this userpage about the project:

The bottom of the User Specifications page links to a preliminary Windows build of the importer/exporter; is that the current state of the project? Will there be builds for other platforms as well? I’m really hoping to be able to use this tool soon!