GSoC - Google Summer of Code

Hey, Iv just seen that Blender has been accepted again for googles summer of code, are there any projects that anyone is thinking of doing?

I wouldn’t mind doing this next year as I’m going to be specialising in Graphics modules next year at university.

Let me be the first one to jump in an appreciate the contributors to GSoC. Currently Maxime from last year’s efforts is working with T.K. to integrate Freestyle into Blender to bring a more “hand-drawn” NPR like line quality to renders. Project blog HERE. My vote would be to see if the just released Jot-lib could be integrated into Blender to more completely fill out the NPR capacity of Blender renders. They both could use more artist friendly interfaces to preview effects and tweak the settings. Take a look at the just released code base on Google at ( and the site JOT ( which will give you great examples of the output. Welcome to the community, look forward to your contributions.

Just bumping my own thread, thought the topic interesting and puzzled at the lack of response, particularly by the author?? Anybody else?

As I understand, the deadline is this Friday for final proposals.
GSoC is very important for Blender. On this page you can find some of the proposals for 2009:
There are some interesting discussions on the bf-comitters list too, notably a better Collada import-export script.

Not all the proposals are public (unless the student posts them on the list), so really until we know which ones make it in, discussing them isn’t so useful IMHO, though nothing wrong with it.

At a first time I thought Jot should have been left alone from Blender (for a sort of respect towards Freestyle and the work of its developers Maxime Curioni and T.K, and because I believe that one thing at a time is a good rule…)
Now I don’t know…
I remember that two years ago I’ve tried building Freestyle myself (no success…) mainly because the Jot sources wheren’t public.
If there is a real possibility to integrate the two projects, Blender will become the absolute number one app for NPR. It seems a good reason to me to change my mind and agree with paulhart2

Im well up for thirding the idea that Jot be looked at properly as a Blender,the possibilities for it just seem amazing!

As long as whatever they do runs on all platforms supported by Blender, I guess it’d be fine with me. Isn’t JOT just for PC/Windows right now, though?

yeah sorry about the lack of response, iv had a weeks break from uni, and im still knackered from the amount of coursework that I have been finishing off. Now I have to start my revision for my exams in may whoop :s lol

Just wondering but If i wanted to do this next year, as it would be my 3rd and final year, would i not be allowed to take it as technically I would have finished my course before the summer, although I think I would have the graduating ceremony the next january… any ideas?

The ideas seem promising, I was wondering if anyone was coding a better version of the notepad editor with syntax highlighting and good copy and paste functions… any idea?

JOT is multi platform (the source code).

The old, version 1.0.0, executabe run on Win 98 and following (I have tested it with Virtual Pc from within my mac. It’s a bit tricky to configure properly, but it works quite well beneath the emulation).

I have built the actual source code (Jot-lib) on MacOsX PPC Tiger 10.4.11, but the resulting app is unstable (problem with GLSL shaders that I can’t fix). Launched within MallocDebug (a developer tool from Apple) Jot is able to show different kinds of rendering (NPR included) but the silhouette isn’t editable.

I haven’t built it under Linux (yet…)

Sorry for the OT, just replying mrunion

Thanx @robi! (Sorry for the OT as well!)


I hadn’t checked the Jot videos until today, and was really blown away! But while superficially Jot seems more ‘complete’ than Freestyle, I think it might be just the user interface that’s so dazzling. It looks like just the kind of thing that’d be hell to integrate in 2.4X, but might be much simpler after 2.5’s refactoring and API work.

There’s some really heavy stuff on the ideas list! Better Bullet physics interfacing outside the BGE would be great (and could lead toward integrating Bullet and rigging!) and especially improving the OpenGL in the viewport would be huge.

what would integrating bullet and rigging give? More realistic animation?

Tighter integration of physics and rigging (probably physical Constraints) would make ragdoll physics and physical rigging like in this demo reel possible. There’s some workarounds available using Softbodies and Empties, but these sacrifice a lot of control and cost a lot of processing power, where the Armature system is simpler and Bullet physics are built for realtime speed. This way, automatic physical animation of things like ropes/straps/chains, tails, tentacles, hair and ponytails would be easy and intuitive to set up and tweak!