GsoC: Raytrace optimization test

I just compiled jagurandi gsoc-branch with raytrace optimization, and I’m impressed by results!
I tried to render a simple scene: a box on Plane and Ambient Occlusion. Notice I used highly unoptimized build:

My spec is: AMD Turion x2 1.90GHz

First try - my test-scene, AO with 5 samples:

Normal Blender 2.49: 22.02s
GsoC build : 5.22s

Second try - the same scene, AO with 8 samples:

Normal Blender 2.49: 50.41s
GsoC build : 12.28s

Almost 4x speedup! Everything look’s promising, but with more complex scenes I noticed only small speedup - about 1-2sec faster, and I noticed problems using AAO. But this is early revision so…
Great work jagurandi! :slight_smile: Keep working :smiley:

I post a build on graphicall with my testscene, here’s a link:

Tripple woots from me, my triple core will be happy… :slight_smile:

Very very sweet indeed!
(Tea Monster does his happy dance).

It does seem a little faster, I would use it for regular image creation right now but the 2.5 branch still has lots of features not plugged in to the new interface yet/

Where I could download the source code of that branch or a patch? Thanks :spin:

Thank you very much :smiley:

Is there a blog for this GSoC project? Keen to have a read every now and again. Although if blogging takes to much time… I’d rather the coding had steady progress. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

Here is the main page…I guess, just follow the links ya know.

just to be clear, a cube on a plane is pretty much a useless test case, so don’t get too excited yet, it’s early days :slight_smile:

Preparation for the raytracer to support instances.

This is what he was planning to do this week in his last weekly support, it seems like he’s on or ahead of schedule.

Also, you’ll probably want to compare the new build to a recent ‘vanilla’ build of 2.5 for a fairer test.

It’s available also as a patch for 2.49?

is there a 32 bits vista SVN available for this feature?

wold be nice to work faster !

Happy blendering

AFaIK, all GSoC projects are working with 2.50 base code. The 2.4X series is just about dead.

I post new (unoptimized)build on graphicall :wink: waiting for yours test’s

I tried to test with more complex scene, so I decided to render out my WIP tank(about half milion polys and ambient occlusion 5 samples)

Blender 2.49: 3min 12s
Gsoc Build: 1min 46s
Niiiiiice :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work jagurandi

He added raytraced instancing support to certain things like dupliverts today along with another small optimization, for the most part it’s coming along nicely though we’re not even halfway through the GSoC period and should see a lot more optimizations.

Thanks for answer :slight_smile:

Nice! Rendertimes with raytraced items seems to be cut in half already, awesome :slight_smile:

Glossy refractions / reflections are still very slow though, but I don’t know if speeding up the raytracer is supposed to accelerate that as well.

I would definitely assume so.