GSOC Ridgedbody tools 250 frame limitation?

I am playing with the new ridgedbody and have noticed that my viewport simulations stop at 250 frames. This is for a domino animation I am creating and I have about 700 dominoes moving at the same time. I would upload the blend, but the dominoes and little truck that knocks them over are linked from separate blends (total of 6 include the animation blend)

A sample of what I am trying to accomplish is here. This example is only 250 frames long so it does not show how it stops, but it does show what I am trying to accomlish.

My questions are:

Is this a limitation of the cache for the view port render? If so, is there a place I can adjust this for a larger cache?

Is there a place to bake the physics, or save the key frames? Or is 250 frames the limitation when using the new feature?

Have you tried changing rigid body cache end frame


I swear to diety I searched everywhere… Got to love BlenderArtsits! Thanks!