gt prototype

(rixtr66) #1

this is a gt prototype,loosely based on a nissan390,the front is mostly
finished,thanx to imagrandpaboy for an efficient modelling method :smiley:

its heavily w.i.p.,but i wanted some input on its feasability,and style.


(rogerm3d) #2

woa man i want a car like that. But with wheels and engin…
Want to see this one done. only complaint aside from it now being done
is those vents above were the lights would go. They look odd/unneeded.

(BgDM) #3

Hey rixtr66! What happened to the Superbird/Roadrunner we were talking about on BlenderChat? :wink: Oh well, maybe for the next one? Nice to see you working on a car again.

Nicely done on the mesh. Looks very clean. You are going to add the racing decals, etc. to this when you get the model done? Also, are you going to do a lightflow render with this as well? Would look sweet.

Would also like to see the info on how to make the car with imgrandpaboys method, (/me needs to know [drool]opens mouth[/drool]).

Keep it up rixtr66. Can’t wait to see it done.


(S68) #4

Cool start :slight_smile:

Will you export that to lightFlow then?


(rixtr66) #5

yes this will be super detailed,decals etc.and yes i will be rendering this in lightflow :o .i wanted to do my cobra but alot of the normals are wrong
and cant be fixed,this one will be different,ive learned alot since the cobra
and several hard drive crashes have forced me to start from scratch.
as for imagrandpaboys method,the details are on his web page.

thanx for the comments too,oh yeah got rid of the dispersion vents on the
top of the fenders,should have a better update later today.