gt-racer update

(rixtr66) #1

heres an update of my gt project in progress,the body is pretty much done,vents,mirrors,scoops etc.are in the works.i changed the front and
took out the top vents,for a cleaner having a problem with an area
around the bottom of the windshield though,i beveled the edges but am
still getting jaggies,the left is the same as the right but the right looks like crap?any suggestions?

any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!

  1. rixtr

(S68) #2

Nice :slight_smile:

A bit dark to fully appreciate & comment, maybe…

It looks very fine and I can’t appreciate jaggies on windshield (well, I don’t even know what a windshield exactly is…)

mudguards looks like the mesh ends there. I mean, their edges are very sharp, maybe some bevelling there?

Keep it up


(BgDM) #3

Coming along nicely rixtr66!

I don’t see the jaggies that you are talking about. Maybe a close up of the section where the hood meets the windsheild so we can see it clearer? Also, the door seems to be not a sharp as it should be. I could be wrong, but the seam seems to be too smooth and rounded.

I agree with Stefano. This is too dark as well. Bring up the light a bit so we can see it better.


(hannibar) #4

Thats great work! And the model is so smooth!
Did you use nurbs?

(dickie) #5

i love your attention to detail…
so far the general body design looks great.

can’t wait to drooool over your fat textures!