Gta Fps

I Want to make a GTA type game but as a fps. im not good with programming, but ok at modeling.

ok good luck with that, pointless post tho :\

maby is you had some screenshots or more info it wouldnt be.

How am i going to have screenshots if i cant program?

You model and then use Blender Logic Block system to get your stuff working. You then ask for advice on python scripting and how to get some of the stuff you want done.

tarkata just remember blendernations/elysiun has been running for along time, and many users see these type of threads alot. If you are unwilling to put the time and effort in trying to create this game, then dont expect others to put there own time into creating your game.

If you want to make a game any game start small…

First find and do as many tutorials as you can on the GE this will help you get an idea for your own game.

Second create on paper what you want your game to be like kinda like a outline.

Third make a file folder system of the tutorials that are along the outline you did on paper.

Forth begin to apply what you have learned by making blend files with your models.

After you have done all that you can begin to learn how to put it all together into a single game.

Oh and remember that this is just one of many many ways to make a game you just need to decide for yourself on what workflow is best for you.

You dont need to be able to program to get screenshots :cool:

Well i dont want to make models for something noone will help with.

no one wants to spend time working with lazy people

First start working out the concept. If you can draw then give some pics. Your ideas are the first step to modivating other members. Second is to start the project solo doing what ever it is you do best. This also helps modivate others to help. So part one develop your idea, then decide whether you are going to get support, if yes start working on it by yourself or whatever or decide to try something else new. and they are a ton of tutorials.

I would not attempt trying to make a GTA style FPS without any experience and tutorials so if you’re new to blender start small.

Good luck


I’m too angry to actually lash out at you, so I’ll give you some friendly advice:

Learn how to do things for yourself. We all had to do it, and so will you. No one will just do things for you, no matter how good the idea is. Poeple in the community don’t want to be your “workers”. However they will think about being your partners if you do a good percentage of the work yourself.

So Learn the game engine. That’s why we all go through the trouble of making demo files and writing tutorials in the first place.

kit89 is right, I have seen an avalanche of theese threads. Crazy.

I actually wish I had USD$ 1 for every time I have seen this type of post on this forum and the other graphic/3d related forums I read. If so I could take my Learjet and fly to that South Pacific Island populated by the topless buxom polynesian women that I have always deamed about and connect to this forum with my T3 speed satellite link :smiley:

There’s a perfectly good first person view script, with enough explanation in the comments for everyone to set up. By Z3r0_d in the demo pack I think…

All the sensors and actuators says exactly what they do and their python commands matches perfetly. If you know some programming you’ll lear python easely. If you don’t and you don’t want to, it’s not a problem. There’s a lot of good scripts out there to use, give credit thou. And most of the things can be done with logic brick. Which, by the way, is a superb mix of simple and powerful.

There’s just too many “I want to make a top selling game, but i don’t know how…will someone do it for me??” threads.

the first thing to do is a)make your own avatar with blender. i’m pretty sure a lot of people do that here unless you made the one you have now. which is, err…questionable. b)sketch out some ideas for your game c)start modelling d)texture!!!e) learn to program or find a really good friend who will help you :smiley:

Go away. You cannot expect to state your idea, and have people just line up and help you. We deal with topics like this on a weekly, and on rare occasions, daily basis. Frankly, i am sick of it. Go, learn the finer points of moddeling, learn logic bricks (it’s really easy), draw some pictures, make some models, develop a plot, and someone with skill may be willing to help you. Until then, dont make any more proposals, or better yet, dont post here. Do you know why I have made so few posts? Its because i didnt join until i had an understanding of moddeling and logic bricks, and many other things about blender. Also, I scour the internet for an answer to my question before asking it here. You think i am being harsh? well, yes, i am. But, i think this is necessary. I am going to save this post, so i can post this to any other people who do these ridiculous proposals.

Go ahead, yell at me for being too harsh. I dont really care.

Clone dadd, shaba, social, i agree with you completely.

tarkata14: I don’t mean to discourage you from your goals, however I do want to let you know that this forum board is primarily used to ask questions about particular features (after one has used the search feature, of course), to offer help in learning, and to showcase one’s work. Occassionally, well-established members post invitations to others to work on team or community projects (for example, BHP Racing, spearheaded by TomorrowMan and ST150), yet even most of these meet with failure. We all currently have our own projects that we are working on, and we need to know that someone else’s idea will be carried through to completion before we commit to help with it.

Others: Thank you to those of you who were courteous yet straightforward in your responses. Let’s all remember that when we make replies we do not speak for ourselves alone, but also this community as a whole. I for one do not appreciate being represented angrily or spitefully, and I would simply ask of you all that if you are aggrevated by someone’s ignorance, please do not respond to them. Let someone else do it (and by that I do not mean “Leave it to me”).

ok i think people are coming down on u a little hard as ive said befor there is a visible line between critisisem and just being an a$$, i have no current project so ill run with u for a wile and if u turn out to be good ill stick with it, just PM me if u would like a little help

Scorched Earth Games Dev

I am trying to fire up project for Offroading game (see the thread elsewhere) I myself however dont have a lot of skills in everything specially. Quite an allrounder. That was one reason why i DID NOT post “Hi lets put together a team and do offroading game” . Instead i started to look ongoing projects that have similar qualities and where i might be of help. Not much luck yet tho. Much propably because my lack in skills on Blender at the moment. (Done about 10 objects so far. Most notably the AVE-1). But i think this is good way. So my advice is. Try to tag along to some project that is something like your own plans. Try to learn from them or even see if the creator of that project likes your ideas. And so forth.

Gee… some of you guys need to calm down a bit.

Yes, we get a lot of these posts, thats life. We just have to deal with it. If you dont like the post its simple, stay away and leave it be. Theres no point in being so hostile.

Tarkata14 - The idea is good. But it is a very difficult thing to do. Id start off with something simple and work up to the gta style.

Theres heaps of info out there you just need to learn the basics and youll be well on your way to making your ideas into reality. It just takes time.

thanks to the two or three people who were nice. i think ill start on sumpthin’ simpler. :rolleyes: