Gta Iv

So, who else here is looking forward to the mindless carnage fest that is …
:evilgrin:GTA IV?:evilgrin:

by the way, if anyone is looking for a really good gta4 info site, here’s one:

saw the trailer as soon as it went out.
Looks awesome, will it only be available on PS3?


trak wrecka: No its coming out for x-box 360 as well

I ant wait until release! I have my copy pre-ordered on already!

I reckon 2007-8 will be the year(s) for the PS3 Im sooo glad i have a PS3!


nope, on ps3 AND xb360

its gonna be awesome

I also have a copy reserved (gamestop)
cant wait for october

no psp…?
they suck…

how about PC?

I’m going to assume the antecedent for that phrase was the PSP and agree heartily with you, dear sir.

It will probably come out for PC. All of the previous games did. It took almost a year before Vice city came out for PC after the PS2 version. San Andreas was closer but if i recall was still released a few months later. PC versions are better in all cases.

Does anyone else wish they’d stick with Tommy Vercetti? I played San Andreas for about an hour and gave up because I just didn’t care about the character at all. I wanted to play as Tommy Vercetti.

Every successful game has a main character: Max Payne, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Half-Life, Deus Ex, Super Mario, Zelda. Look what happened when they put Raiden into the Metal Gear series.

This character looks like he might be ok and the visuals are good but I’m afraid I might not bother about the missions and that it’ll end up like True Crime. Just some unknown character running around a city.

Concerning the PC version, although the shooting parts are much better, I found having to switch controls for driving to be very annoying. Mouse steer doesn’t help when you’re trying to shoot and the sensitivity isn’t good.

I am not very impressed.

the graphics are not that impressive… but I guess it will get much better in the future GTA’s

I really hope driver will bring a new one.

Haha, because graphics are what makes San Andreas fun…

This GTA will not be like the others.

Gone are the cartoon effects like floating arrows. Gone are stupid blocky, low poly graphics which are cringe worthy (the graphics wont be cutting edge but they will be one hell of an improvement and in HD). Gone will be caricatures of psychotic antiheroes, there will be no more characters like Tommy Vercetti or Carl Johnson.

Just because the graphics aren’t super awesome, make no mistake that this will be the most realistic GTA ever, in game play and the world around you.

I was reading and article on GamesRadar that some editors of the site had seen a demo presented by Rockstar in a hotel room, and feared that the consequences of your actions and the way in game pedestrians react so realistically might put people off from doing the usual GTA things like beating up hookers or going on a gun totting rampage.

To quote one of the editors from memory, “If you shoot someone in the kneecap and they just lie on the floor screaming in agony you’d probably end up feeling like a bit of a bully”.

I have also heard that this GTA will be a lot more adult than previous version, if that seems possible. There may be a heavy theme surrounding people trafficking.

One thing that will remain the same, thank god, is that there will still be no children in GTA, which should at least stop the game from being banned because you have the option to run a combine-harvester over a baby in a pram.


Double post Sorry.
Edit: I can use this post now:

Rockstar said that the game would be set in October 2007 and that it would be completely contemporary.
It seems far fetched, but is this a hint as to when this’ll be released?



Seriously, i think they’ll have some real problems with the Jack Thompsons of the world just for allowing you to torture someone. I wasn’t aware they had the area-specific damage model going on. I mean… how ‘realistic’ should a game be before it starts becoming disturbing. I dunno if i’d care to see someone be ejected through their windshield in an accident and then writhe in agony on the pavement (not that that’s possible, but I bet if it’s not in there it HAD to have come up in a meeting or something). I kinda liked the satirical approach to the previous GTA games… They still have Cluckin’ Bell, so maybe it’s not all THAT serious…

So was the whole GTA IV on Wii thing just some April Fool’s joke? 'Cause I was looking forward to it :frowning:

Cruel but very funny. Maybe you should have bought an Xbox360 given that they are around the same price, which is ridiculous given that the Wii is basically a repackaged Gamecube and the 360 is a true next-gen console (no flames just sayin’).

If GTA was on the Gamecube then it could be ported eventually but otherwise I wouldn’t think so.

Most of the big jokes from the previous GTA’s (especially San Andreas) will be kept.

Did anyone see the 6 pound heart stopper burger on the burger shot advert? Did you see the picture on the advert??!

As for how disturbing a game is, i dont think that the rating systems will be fooled, if something crosses over the line and is completely wrong, like a hot coffie game with softbody simulation and fully acurate anatomy then it wont be allowed to be shipped until that has been removed or like Manhunt the game will be banned completely, which givene the amount of money and liscencing poured into a GTA game will probably never happen.

(Personally i thought the hot coffie mod on sanandreas was boring and not remotely shocking, and Manhunt i found pretty lame compared to most horror films nowadays).

hummm… you might have forgotten a few details…

it is definitely not a gamecube repacked power wise… definitely not as powerfully as the 360 or PS3 but it has some other new pretty interesting things like the wiimote…

the 360 is actually the less innovative console everything on it is on the PS3 or wii.

anyway… I really wonder how the online mode of GTA is gonna be.

Oh, GTA always was fun. And i really am looking forward to this new GTA with all it’s new features. Graphics look great.
I believe all that RPG-elements will be still there. In SA where my character was EXTREMELY fat. Of course i had problems with finishing some missions because of that, but, oh, how i lol’d.

or like Manhunt the game will be banned completely

Wow, so this game is a rare thing now? I do have one. Bought it looong ago. It was kinda boring. %)

And what happened? %) I liked that character. Not as much as Big Boss, of course, but no less than Solid Snake. And i was glad to see that he will be back in MGS4.

Check this out, CAR BOOTS, (trunks i suppsoe as this is set in New York) you could do all sorts of things with mobile storage in this game.

Place an explosive in a car, roll it down a hill, wait and detonate it, or sneak into a boot and follow a baddie before popping out and clipping every enemy in sight. Ooo yeah.


Just wanted to know if anyone has seen the second trailer. Niko looks like a serious russian bad-ass killer, with a killer swagger and a stare with killer attitude.