Gta Iv

It makes me mad when people won’t play a game because of there graphics. The game is huge, and the graphic aren’t even that bad. All of the GTA’s haven’t been the “highest Graphical quality”,they were stll really fun.anyways, i like the new features of the game, i heard that to unlock cars, you break the window with your elbow. Good looking Cinematics, good dynamic shadows, good reflectivness on cars, nice looking water, i also like how the pedestrians do more than walk/drive around, they look at signs, in GTA:SA, they talk to eachother, but they were little pointless ones, GTA:4 hopefully has them have conversations that make sense, the driving pedestrians will turn smoothly instead of the sharp kind of turns in previous GTA’s.To me, Gameplay matters more than graphics.

The graphics do look cool, and the whole massive world thing is EXTREMELY appealing to me (always has been since elite frontier). Unfortunately, I just can’t play the game. I know everyone one is probably expecting a jack attack (as in thompson), but that’s not what I’m trying to say.

I just mean for me personally, I can’t play it. I heard that in GTA you can knock a guy down, urinate on his face till he pukes, then cut his head off with a shovel and watch puke come out his neck. I know it’s just a game, but I just don’t want to have anything to do with something like that. Sorry, not trying to offend anyone, I would just rather wait for someone else to make something else with the whole cool enormous world thing going on that doesn’t have stuff like that in it.

Oh, and case I sound like a neverplayer or a puritan, just for the record I’m half way through oblivion and loving it. (I suppose some smart arse is going to wreck it for me now by telling me about something equally nasty in oblivion…)

eh… Unless the ‘vomit-from-the-neck’ thing is a feature of the new game, that sort of thing doesn’t happen in the previous GTA games. There IS violence in the game, but it’s not the point of the game. You don’t have to go around randomly killing people if you don’t choose to do that. I mean, you can do a lot of immoral things in the games, some of which are side missions. You can deliver pizza’s too. Or race, or put out fires with the fire truck, or take people places in taxi’s. Or deliver drugs, blow people up and then destroy the fire trucks when they arrive, or take prostitutes around to clients in a pimp-mobile. There’s a sense of balance to it all.

The example you gave sounds more to me like the type of completely made up stuff the opponents of these games would think up. Most of the violence in the game is of the ‘dark comedy’ variety. It’s like Kill Bill meets Looney Toons sort of stuff. You CAN shoot someone in the head and cause it to ‘behead’ them (actually, the head just disappears), and a fountain of blood erupts from the neck area. It’s so over-the-top and fake looking that it’s hilarious. it’s not about being violent or disturbing. It’s a parody of violent media. The WHOLE GAME is a satire on modern society. Everyting in the game is an exaggeration of real life. I’ve never played it, but your story sounds more like something that would happen in Manhunt. That game IS an experiment in ultra violence. GTA series is just a big spoof.

The thing about the GTA games that really impresses me is that, in San Andreas for example, there are entire areas in the game that you never HAVE to go to. You can just grab a car or a bike and go exploring and discover all this interesting stuff. The world is fleshed out really well. I really hope that there’s more to this game than just basically it being a re-design of the Liberty City area. I am hoping it will expand the boundaries a bit, maybe adding on a bit of the entire tri-state area, more than just a smidge of Jersey. For me, roaming around the countryside and finding all the neat hidden stuff was half the fun of the last game.

Yeah, this wont be as much of the case by the looks of things. The Liberty City that has been designed looks pretty much full size by comparason to real life New York that it is based on (well, almost). There wont be any wilderness and open space that has no purpose in the game so that element from San Andreas will probably be lost.

Refusing to let this thread die, here are some more details i have discovered.

Rumours for multiplayer modes suggest that one type of game places people in two random locations on the map adn you have to find each other.
The problem i can imagine with this is that all the NPC content would have to be disabled or severly reduced because the computer makes this up with in a certain radius to give the impression of a living city. With two people playing you would have to double the content (one set for each player so both appear to be in a living city) and when the two player come close to each other their two consoles or computers would have to co-opperate to make sure that both player have the same NPC action going on around them. Sounds very tricky to me.

It’s also been alleged that an important feature will be an in-game internet. According to speculation, central character, Niko will be able to upload his resume to apply for a job, in order to get an interview with a man he has to kill. Furthermore, it’s possible that Niko will be able to use his mobile phone when ordering and buying weapons, which could remove the need to visit the ammo shops.

In game interenet? Given that this is suppost to be set in contempory times, how deep or authentic would this ingame internet be, would it involve actual internet content?

Further rumors suggest that the game will feature more true to life ways of side-stepping the attentions of the law. It has been suggested that if a player is being pursued and drives to an isolated area, changes cars while no one is looking and drives off in the new ride the cops will be none the wiser. About bloody time, however you will get up to seven stars, what does that mean, government operatives and military “one head shot kill” snipers. Who knows.

Rumours from the recent E3 festival suggest that Rockstar is having trouble squeezing the giant game onto one Xbox 360 disk. Lol.


Check this link that gives an explanation as to why.

Ha, Maybe Im the only one to think this, but arent you being a bit obsessive my Animal man?

Ha, guys and their games…

yes, i am completely raving about it

heh, Ive never been much of a fan of those games…
Now, half-life on the other hand…

Oh yeeerrrrrrrrrrsss, half-lifes pretty good, but i got over that obsession when episode one was released, a bit dissapointing it was so short.

Ha, not me…

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Yeah, i heard it was delayed, im not to mad, i don’t have PS3/Xbox360 or powerfull enough PC to p[lay it, so maybe i will when it comes out, and maybe it’ll be a better game. The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess was delayed for quite a bit of time, but it’s one of my favorite games.

A Cover!!.. Well, at least theres been a bit of evidence that some progress has been made, still, its a while off. Its going to have the same old nag that by the time its released the graphics will look a bit out dated.