GTA or the World?!

Tell me I’m not insane, why is my country about to spend large amounts of money investigating a GAME! didn’t London just get bombed?, didn’t we just have the largest concert in world to help relieve poverty and starving in third world countries, so much bull$h!t going on in the world, so many terrible things happening and our politicians are worried about a game, how about we spend that money on body armor for our soldiers?, or better yet spend that on education so that the stupidity running rampid in this country will maybe end?
God (who ever that is) help us,…we should be so ashamed of ourselves

I believe children are more likely to be screwed up by lack of education, and seeing all of these horrible things happening on the television, than they are by a video game, anyone old enough to be able to install this is probably old enough to get, that it’s just a game

…sorry had to vent

I think you are absolutely correct. Media content is the dumbest thing. Its just another way for modern parents to blame their child’s behaviour/problems on something other than themselves.

I guess I probably have a subjective view, though, because I am still a minor, and this particlar article discusses making life more difficult for me by making it illegal for me to have fun with a good game. I know that in reality it’s not that bad, but its the principle of it. Same with other things. You may be giving up your rights for a short time, and they may be dumb small rights, but they are still rights.


One by one they will take them away, until one day you realize you have lost all your rights, this is scary

Hillary should ban the internet.

But seriously, what makes a game with poor graphics more ‘harmful’ than actual porn that can be found by typing in a url?

Thats exactly right, it takes a whole lot less tiime to look up a porn site, than it does to install that patch I’m sure.

The key is, watch your children, BE PARENTS!

When they came for the Jews, I wasn’t a Jew so I didn’t care.
When they came for the Catholics, I wasn’t Catholic so I didn’t care.
When they came for the Muslims, I wasn’t a Muslim so I didn’t care.
When they came for theeth, i wasn’t theeth so i didn’t care.
When they came for ME, there was no one left to care.

Theres been a lack of caring for a long time, especially my generation, it sickens and saddens me

Hillary Clinton is a stupid feminist bitch who needs to STFU.

Just for a laugh, someone should put her in the Hot Coffee mod.

I agree there are so many things that are so much worse in the world, games should not be a priority.

Hey, I’ll still be here. But then I don’t care so I guess you’re right ;).

the thing that always gets me, is the parents complain that their children are being somehow harmed by playing these games, yet they must’ve been the one’s that bought it for them, as it is an 18 rated game, aimed solely at adults, they’re right, children shouldn’t be playing it, that’s why it’s got an 18 certificate on it. idiots.

The dumbest thing that took already some years. Politicians talking about games that turns childeren in terrorists and such stuff, all bullshit.

  • first: parents have to care about there childeren, if they didn’t want to let there child play some of those games, simply, most of those parents pay those games to give it to there childeren. So it’s the parents there choice.
  • second: When I watch 1 day TV, I see more muderer, killing, suicide, bombing, satan crap, or horror then I can see at one day in a game.

I think a movie, tv program or news report can do more harm to a child then a simple game. Like I saw a while ago a little movie at the news channel on clear day how someone shot himself, a suicide bombing in Iraq, and a terrorist ripping someones head off. Well I think if a child sees that at real news, it takes more serious problems than a game could do. Besides games are for fun and how may childeren didn’t already wonded themself afther watching a movie, or tv spot then acting like someone in a game??

It’s all bullshit, the goverenement just needs someone to take responsebility for those wounded childs and terrorist like actions. If they declare that games are cruel, well then I wonder what happens to movies, tv, radio, internet, pictures and all that stuff. :-?

How long is the governement already doing this? Well I still remember those politicians talking about forbidding doom1 and 2 a few years ago, and saying who played Quake, could go to hell, and who played carmageddon where serious sick people. Well I don’t see GTA taking such stuff, I find doom and quake more gore then GTA :stuck_out_tongue:
And afther talking about this, well I won’t talk about MTV showing some weet smoking RMB dudes, doing some Ganster sh…t, walking around with rifles and such, or a bleeding man, dying on a bed in a hostpital in a Eminem musicclip. Whaha, I wonder if those politicians watch TV, I bet they hardly do.

Tip to the Politicians, “Think first before saying any nonsens” and what? if you think, let’s get JD into jail, well come over here, I life in Holland, and when I see ya I’ll kick your ass 8)

it is rated M here… which is essentially the movie R rating [17]

the best the political figures could hope for is to get it rated AO, similar to the X rating [18 years]

at which point it would probably be sold in much fewer stores, but I think it’d be an exception to the general rule that AO rated games aren’t sold in most stores simply because this game is still selling for $50 and is selling well.

if I recall, where it was rated 18 [I forget the exact place] has already responded that even if this were part of the game it doesn’t warrant an increase in the rating…

You know what I’d like to see? A really violent, gory blender animation. Or maybe hardcore porn made in blender. Do you think the government would try to illegalize blender then?

Oh wait, the HQ aren’t in the USA, are they? Hahaha. :slight_smile:

that was over here (the UK), Rockstar North who made the game are based in Scotland, here it is sold with a big fat red 18 on the front of it, after The Daily Mail got hold of carmageddon the bbfc decided it had better start rating games ,so they get the same style ratings as movies now, which makes it illegal to sell to anyone under 18. is it the law over there or just a guideline?

Woah. An anim about Ed Gein, Albert Fish, or Jeff Dahmer. That would rock so hard.

If I remember right, didn’t they blame all those school shootings on video games?

z3r0 d: I forget how it works. M = 17+ to purchase, but anyone can play. AO = 18+ to purchase, 18+ to play? It seems like all the AO rated games are so stupid, like BMXXX. I mean, come on.

Telling us what we can and cannot play… Soon you will be told where to live, where to work, what to eat, how many kids you can have…

It is just numbing how dumb this whole thing is.


The key to fight this plauge of media and accedemic ignorance on the subbject of games is to actualy do the research, writing, and publicising of why violent and pornographic video games are not the scource of the problems the world has. Murder rates in the states are down, but the way the media reports you would think the youth are more violent than ever.

Further more, emailing the public figures who attack games and intelligently conversing is a better way of making change than just insulting them on a forum.

Hillary’s just trying to get all schmoozy with the conservatives so she gets more votes in '08.

Though I don’t like or don’t support rock star games or the bull crap they produce I don’t think government should have much say in this, if at all. I’ve got this to say to Hillary: screw you.

Parents just bloody well need to do their job.

Hey government!, listen to this!: FREE SPEECH! It’s in the F****** (the rest of those letters are capitals too :stuck_out_tongue: )constitution! Free speech was created to protect not the stuff that people liked, but the stuff they might find objectionable or bad.
I agree with most of you people, I know plenty of people who listen to death metal, collect weapons and play M rated games, and wouldn’t hurt anyone. Anyone with the average intelligence of a 12 year old can realise that it is just a game! (well, actaully, I know some really stupid kids, but they are exceptions :stuck_out_tongue: ) I myself listen to what many people call disturbing music, love many violent games, like many violent movies, and like rough sports like judo, but I do not intend to go kill someone, or hurt anyone.
What parents really need to stop doing is trying to shift the blame, they don’t want to admit that it is their fault, and so try to shuffle the blame to the game companies. Unfortunately our generation has a huge problem with morals, parenting, responsibilty, and being busybodies.
They don’t know how to parent right, since they have no morals to base their parenting on and to teach their children, and since the children imbibe no morals from their parents, what are they to do? They turn to the kiddy-culture at their schools, where other like kids reinforce their maladjusted ideas, and then the parents irresponsibly bring in mature video games to the scene, without having trained their kids what is considered right and wrond in upstanding society, and that is when the children emulate video games, since their parenst have given them no other role models besides their peers and games.
And when this generation of parents finally see that is has all gone wrong, they simply refuse to take responsibility and since they have no morals, they see nothing wrong with not simply taking what is their due, and shift it to the very element that they introduced, the games.

Ok rant done, sorry if it seems a bit unordered, I got a bit sidetracked from my main point in it. A summary: moral free parents don’t teach their children that games are games, the children begin to see the games as role models, since they have no others, and when the immoral parents see this they try to move the blame to the game makers. Get it?

Yeah, that’s true…

Here in Germany politicians tried to illegalize Counter-Strike after the murder in a school in Erfurt, because they found it in the murderers house!

What they didn’t consider important was that the guy had a very disturbed relationship with his family, and in school!

I mean, oh my god, CS is the mostly played game in germany, are all those players killers?

Finally the politicians didn’t win because of the big resistance of people here, psychologists did heavy research and found out that computer games usually have no influence on a persons behaviour, as long as they have a good relationship to people, and if they don’t, computer games only have a very small amount of influence on them (far less than 10%)!

They also found out that teamgames and tactical games like CS, or SWAT can even train the feel of responsibility (everyone is responsible for the life of his/her teammates), that it can train tactical and logical thinking and the reflexes of a person, including the speed and quality of making decisions!

B.t.w. the only persons who have protested against games were people who had never played them, most of them didn’t even see them, they just heard of them!

something i found quite amusing recently, and also proves the media’s readiness to blam games at the drop of a hat, was a recent case where 2 kids had a falling out at school and one of them went round to the other ones house, broke in, and stabbed him. immediately the daily mail blamed doom3 because it was found in the bedroom. what they didn’t realise was that it was in fact found in the bedroom of the victim, the attacker had no video games (or at least they weren’t mentioned).

i’m just waiting for the day when a child commiting suicide by jumping off a building is blamed on prince of persia, or a hostage situation gets blamed on the sims. they tried to pin 9/11 on microsoft flight simulator, so i wouldn’t be surprised

The lack of caring is a sort of numbing-out due to the BS that goes on like this.

You can’t conceivably care about each horrible thing in the world. It’s not possible. There is not enough time or energy in the human mind to accomplish such a feat. IMO, it’s a problem that comes along with becoming part of the global village.

You hear about these horrible things all over the world, but since there seems to be something horrible or stupid every single day, you just start to ignore it all, not because you want to, but because you have to just to get through the day.

Maybe it’s not video games that are the problem. Maybe it’s the media’s constant harping about how they "are " the problem. They’re just adding to the global white noise machine, thus making each of us even more insensitive and numb to other people, and therefore capable of more atrocities.

(No I’m not saying the media is fully at fault. I’m just saying that maybe they aren’t helping.)