GTA: San Andreas Easter Eggs

While playing, I stumbled upon a couple easter eggs that I found kinda funny. Sorry in advance for the poor, poor quality.

First one was on top of a bridge:

And this one, found near the same bridge, I found funny in a nerdy sort of way:

For those that can’t read it:

Length - 150.7m
Height - 60.3m above sea level
16000 Polygons (something I can’t make out)
600m Draw Distance
11 Textures
Takes up a staggering 1.27mb of disk space

Those are kewl.
Did you ever go up where it said there were no easter eggs?
If so what was there?
The thing that you said you couldnt read out says “pc. (inc.?,nc?) 100m(n?)”

that second one is funny :smiley: , for some reason nerdy and ironic stuff like that really makes me laugh.

Go in side the police deptment in los santos in the showers there is a purple “Toy”(ill let you guess what it is when you see it :-? ) you can beat ppl with(these gamemakers had too much time on there hands)

Ha, yeah, I found the “Toy” a while ago, and gave it to a girlfriend. And easter eggs take away from my game playing… Instead of going on a mad hunt for horseshoes, I’ve gone hunting eggs…

the thing you can’t make out says “inc LOD’s” (level of details)