GTA San Andreas

Just wondering how many Blender heads are playing this.

I’m totally blown away by the size of the whole game, I thought Vice city was big but SA is massive.

Game play content is enormous too. Nice to see most of the idea’s from Driv3r have been improved on and included.


I just rented it and I’m not going to buy it. It’s Vice City for black people. I don’t mean that to sound racist but I’m just not into the black culture. I don’t like the music or the OTT dialog.

It does look like a huge game but it’s not on my hotlist. Burnout 3 takedown is my game of the moment.

i have no money for it :frowning: .

Bought this game the day after it came out, and I still have problems putting the controller down. I love the gang wars, a lot of fun in that. And the multiple girlfriends… And the pimp suit!

Also, I found out that in the two player free roam modes, if Player 2 decapitates Player 1, you can keep playing the game without a head.

We rented the game. I will say that it is a really well done game, and I mean REALLY well done. Probably the best that the PS2 has to offer. However I can’t get my self to buy it because it has “motherf—er” every other sentence. I worked in the ghetto for two months talking to people on the streets and I think Rockstar Games just went a little over the top on this one. They don’t really talk like that.

Other than the off-color dialog, the game is really cool.

I like the game, got all gta versions from the beginning GTA dos version to the GTA VC, now I want GTA SA. Still have to wait half or 3 quarter year for the pc version. :frowning:

But the game’s made in Scotland, and up there they really do talk like that!

one of these days it will be released for the xbox. then it will be even better!

for now, Halo 2 will do.

PC release confirmed for 3rd quarter of 2005, X-Box version should be out just before or just after, however this is speculation as R* won’t disclose anything about the other consoles, due to Sony’s exclusivity contract for the first release. X-Box release of GTA III+VC was a long time coming though.

People around my town talk like they do in the game, I think it’s very realistic of local town gangs and peoples, (yes they do exist outside of Compton). In fact there are a couple of english voices in the game which have me in stitches, especially the guy who screams at you when you drive into his car.

18 rating here in UK lets the freedom of speech be fully appreciated. German version of the game is censored heavily as it is in other countries.

Been playing the game for 60 hrs and only have 28% complete.


But the game’s made in Scotland, and up there they really do talk like that![/quote]

No we motherfcking don’t, bitch. Och aye the motherfckin noo. :wink:

Uh, I dunno what ghetto you’ve been in, but in most places, motherfcker and ngger are regular words. Like every other sentence.