gta silent

ok this is gta silent a gta syle game

with simple game character.
simple landscape

got any ideas or if wanan help just ask

im making models for weapons etc.

im makin next-
weapons models
in game characters
cars etc wanan join in or ahve ideas then comment this is just a simple update just asking for your opinoins


hey, i really like that character model and such. maybe add some more, and it would be great.

Everything… is just… an extruded cube…

Yeah your point?? Its his first game he has made…

Looks good…Id help you but im really busy

ok thanks and yeh its my first proper project

can anyone take a look at this i have rigged my model but when i select the body then the bones ctrl and p it says make parent to object.

I HAVE TRIED TO MAKE VERTEX GROUP TO AMTURES but when i type the name of the amature it just goes blank again

also can you check this i hit p to play and it shows gray but if i dont use camera to when p it shows the game heres pic


sorry I can’t help you with your armatures problem because I don’t even know armatures that well but I can help you with the health bar when you need it.

You need to type the exact thing. if it’s Bone.001 it’s NOT bone.001 or bome.001 or bone001. It must be Bone.001, with caps and everything.
In 2.47 rigging is alot easier with the “Creste from bone heat” function. Maybe you can send me the blend if you don’t want 2.47. There are apricot builds @
BTW, you don’t type the name of the bone groups as far as I remember, you select them from the arrows little button at the left.

No,it is not his first game. He already started 4 game threads, being this one the second ‘gta’ style game he starts.

And the oldest thread is from 20th August…

Maybe u should do ONE SIMPLE game before u try to make 4 shitty wannabe-gta-ones.
My tip: Don´t post anything about ur work in this section until u got anything to show… Use the question-section to get help, and tips.

Goodluck… Ur best friend Yeahman

good beginning, good luck

im makin next-
weapons models
in game characters
cars etc

Basically the entire game… dude, this is like your 10th game attempt in a week. Make a maze game. And it doesn’t count saying I MADE A MAZE GAME A FPS AND A GTA GAME!! because you did’t… you spent 10 senconds typing a description 10 minutes extruding a cube and 1 minute adding logic.

killer look i have made a maze game and a oter game that i never showed on here cos i would get bad comment …“deleted words”…

Prove it… post the game… I’ll be waiting…

And never use that kind of language on these forums, I can report that to an administrator.

yay for language-haters!
anyway, GTA? Never heard of it… oh well.
and your person model… I can do better, and the best I can do it an extruded circle. :stuck_out_tongue:
and I repeat [killer] by saying show us your maze and FPS games.
and anyone think I am overusing the word “and”?

I agree with the 2 above me. ^
Show us the maze game and the other game you didn’t post. You won’t get bad comments as long as it isn’t some WIP thread that won’t go anywhere, like this one.

GTA? Never heard of it… oh well.

Stands for Grand Theft Auto.

Just try some simpler games to learn the BGE, it’s not that hard.

He said in the last thread

i have aspergers syndrome

I believe repetitive behavior and such are symptoms so it may be that on display here. But he needs to learn to control it better and when something may not be a good idea. I know I have obcessed over something related to Blender to just have to get something, but he must know when, you know, maybe you just don’t have the knowledge right now to do it.

I have Aspergers myself, I’ve been in shoes similar to his.

Just don’t flame people.

I agree with the posts above mine…If you have aspergers control it…I know it might be hard( i dont have it so i wouldn’t know)…If you made a maze game and an FPS please show it. I don’t want to be mean to you at all…CurlyStraw…I think what you said was a LITTLE mean…But i don’t care… Also…I think you might have mad BA history on saying “Fuck You”…I’ve never seen it on here.

Also i’m guessing major game designers didn’t start making huge games like GTA right away…I am pretty sure they all started with simple games to learn how the game engine works ect ect…

I have an idea for this game…Make it a little mini game where there is one main guy and its like Captor the Flag…Your dude runs across a field while you have to dodge bad guy…This will tech you AI(for the bad guys) How to pick things up…Maybe Scripting…You can learn ALOT from a mini game…I haven’t made a mini game(my attention span is really short).I alway want to make a big game like you want to…
If you need help ask here But don’t start a thread in the GE demos and finished games…Start in the GE support and Discussion. There are also a TON of tutorials for the GE…

Sorry If i offended you…I don’t mean to Flame you or anything…

Good luck


wow, you guys are jerks. don’t you guys know he suffers from a disability?..