GTA Styled Compass/Live Radar

I want to know if you can make a compass appear round and not square like in some blender games that I’ve seen. And if you can make it show out where the enemies and certain objects are on the compass.

Can someone help me out here?!

Hi Nmaster,
I don’t personally know how to do the radar screen, but you can no doubt modify a compass script to do the job. I can’t think of one off hand though.

Here’s a script for you I found in one of the old blender test files. I don’t know how I’d make it rounded but there you go.


first_person_bullet.blend (547 KB)

You should be able to use a compass sprite (plane with a textured compass image on it) in an overlay scene, and then have little blip planes show up around said compass; if the blips aren’t near the compass, they disappear. EDIT: Of course, you would have to use python to script the blips to follow people / things in the other, main game scene.