GTA3 for all your texture needs....

(blendedHKU) #1

Hey everybody.

Do you have the grandTheftAuto 3 game on your harddrive?

If so, you can extract all 3300 textures :slight_smile:

There’s a whole ‘modding’ community out there with all sorts of tools to export textures / models.

If someone is working on a racer game… (which is surely the case),
then maybe you can use the gta3 cars, the city, and the people.

Anyways, I really like it if people make original artwork, but if you need some good looking (tileable!) grass / wood / bricks / concrete textures, then check it out.


(sara) #2

that is ilegal. you can use free textures but not copyrighted ones. you can use whatever you want at home but not distribute a game with the textures.

(blendedHKU) #3

I really agree with you on that, don’t use it in commercial work.

But it’s very interesting to see how the textures are made, you can learn a lot from that.

You can download these programs from, which is linked to from, which is I believe the official site of the game.

So, I’m not sure if ‘modding’ the game is illegal.

(wiensta) #4

this could always be done with almost every big game…
ive taken apart loads and i have to say the original halflife had the best textures and soundfx. not only the most deatiled but moreso the best compression and best texture layout.

(Abracsis) #5

Texture libraries are nice, but nothing beats making your own… I use photoshop. But, why not use blender to render some textures :smiley: although making them tilable, now that’s a bit harder i guess in blender!

Hmm. why not make a plane, stick your GTA3 texture on it, and then render the result, with a nice even light…hmm, did someone say legal?

(well whatever, i saw a game called 4 in a row - blantent connect 4 copy, just call the texture something different :wink: )

p.s not a very helpful post!

(Pooba) #6

I don’t know how to create good textures, can anybody make a tutorial for this?

(S_W) #7

I’ve found these tutorials some time ago: