I cant wait!!! my copy is in the post coming to me as we speak!

Im truly looking forward to it!!

My PSN is


woo its now 26 minutes since the release of GTA4!!! i should sleep to pass the time until the postman comes!!

woot yay! i love these games, so much senceless violence and cheats XD

but my parents are all like shelter shelter so i will never own one of em =’[

Ahhhh GTA rocks.
I dont have a XBox or PS3 though… Frustrating

That’s the trouble with PC games, everyone with consoles get the game way before you and talk about how awesome it is

Yeah great. Who would have thought killing cops and prostitutes could be so fun…

actually, the best Gta version is gta 2. it’s only for PC i guess :slight_smile:

What? GTA 2 was the worst one! The original was genius, in the second they made it dark and slowed the cars down, no fun :frowning: . GTA3 brought back the fun.

Yeah great. Who would have thought killing cops and prostitutes could be so fun…

A great stress reliever.

More importantly this Euphoria technology (you all remember Endorphin right?) has knocked it up another notch!

I’m waiting very impatiently for it to come out on PC.

Watch that video. It makes every other game ever look like E.T.

I’m planning a children NPC mod for GTA IV, obviously i will have to wait until it is released on PC because modding a console version is way above my skill level, but i wonder what peoples reactions will be if i ever finnish it, i would be more realistic, but probably quite disturbing to have 10 year olds busting round with uzis as well as adults
incase you guys are wondering whether i am joking, i originally planned for this for San Andreas but i could never find the right sound clips, well i’ve had a bit more time sinse then…

quoted for absolute agreement. i still remember playing that with my friends when I was a kid…get the tank…get the tank…no no that way…under the bridge where you can’t see yourself and around the corner of the garage…GET THE TANK!!!

lol fun times.


I’ve heard a lot about this game- lots and lots of hype. I definitely wasn’t a fan of the last one, as I can’t exactly stomach that sort of mass death. With these new xbox live features, though, I might actually consider it. Maybe.

What turns me off GTA is that usually there’s tons of blood and read it has tons of profanity, plus there’s actual missions where you have to do heinous crimes. Considering this one, you’re an immigrant who goes to a life of crime.

GTA would have to tone down the profanity and gore to appeal to me, now I’ve blazed guns in the origional Golden Eye, but there’s no blood really and no language. If GTA was more like that then…

With GTA you have to throw decency and sanity completely out the window.

There are worse ways to kill people in video games then what’s in GTA, but the blood, in GTA 3 you shoot someone in the head and there’s a literal fountain of blood.

True that CD.

Now for example, I’m fine with Doom, but Doom’s gore is just low resolution sprites, but GTA 4 is many times more realistic, in fact, killing in GTA 4 would be even more realistic then all games in the series before it. When you get more realistic you have to tone things down. If there was no blood in GTA then it would be a bit more bearable.

GTA 3, the blood fountain that’s created with a head shot, that’s doing it over to a point where’s it’s less pleasant to look at then if it was realistic, the blood is so much and goes so high you don’t know how his arteries could could be that powerful or his body could even hold that much blood.

which is what makes it so awesome :smiley:

Ha, shockingly the good folks who made the latest GTA game are not gearing their games towards guys who think they were once dragons, and occasionally go on religious rants.

If it aint your cup of tea, thats cool. Dont play. But dont preach to everybody else about it, they really dont care.

Back on topic: Ive played one of the GTA games for about fifteen minutes once in two player… its was alright, nothing fantastic. But from what Ive seen of this one, Id definitely like to try it out… unfortunately theres no way my parents would go for it either, but hey, such is life.

I wish i could go back to being a kid again because playing GTA legally just doesn’t have the same sense of awsomness.

saweet! its illigal for me to play it?

and CD i dont see what the big deal is with actualy having blood in the game, its still killing but it just makes you feel worse about it XD