GTE Concept Car

Well not really a concept car, but a concept of a car. I was playing with the idea of some sort of amalgamation between a late 60’s early 70’s European sports car, like an Aston Martin or what not, with an American muscle car of that ear. This is my first project that I posted on these forums, but it’s the fourth car that I worked on in blender, none of the others being complete.

Front View

Back View

Front Side 3/4

Rear Side 3/4

Anyways I would like some feed back. It’s in the early stages of modeling (I only have about 10 hours into it. I have not yet cut out any the doors nor the hood and rear-deck lid.

Not a bad start, definitely more american muscle in there than european finesse, but thats your call. make sure you define the bases of those rear © pillars properly!

looks like a mustang

Nice design. This reminds me of something I have seen somewhere, but can’t remember what.

Everyone says it looks like a mustang for some reason not that I am dening that. Anyways Yeah I am going to flesh it out much more than it is, it’s just a rough of the finally. In fact I have already started to cut out all the doors, hoods, etc and it is looking much better. I was not able to before, because, well this model is a high poly count model and well my computer doesn’t like it once I get the poly count that high. So I needed to work on it at school where there are computers that can handle it. I will try to get some pics on later today.

Well here is a full material test render of the model, now with seams. Anyways tell me what you think, and I know that a bunch of things are missing.

amazing! looks great. i am working on my first truck ever, there is a link in my sig

It looks great. I love the roof and the color. Great rims too.

A minor suggestion: try to rotate the front wheels (as if they were turning in “real life”) and see if they touch the fender. That’s something I always get wrong myself.

One thing you also need to realize about the front wheels is that they rarely turn from the true center of the wheel, usually they turn from just inboard of the wheels so they tend to “tuck” in as they turn, but anyways I always check that, but I have not yet gotten to that point, since I worry about that when I build the suspension.

[quote=tenshi;958246but I have not yet gotten to that point, since I worry about that when I build the suspension.[/quote]

Oh good, I was wondering if you were going to give it any suspension :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I usually try to make the model as realistic as possible, that is if I am bothered to finish it. I have even thought about adding an engine even though I may not actually show it, since I have to build a engine compartment to do it.
The one thing I am worried about though is its current poly count, because it has reached over four hundred thousand, and well that would kill my computer at home, so now progress on it well be slowed down as I can only work on it at school where they have computers that can handle it.

looking good, the balance is there, keep em coming!

I think it is a really nice car concept. and the front looks really slick to me and the back is nice too. But i think that the sides are pretty bad (Design-wise). I think you could give a lot more europan flavour if you the sides weren’t sticking out that much and scaled on the Y axis one the front and back. Because from the side it looks like a brick, no sexy curves!

Well here is another update to my car. I haven’t done much to it other than work on a few door and hood seams as well as start to flesh out the interior. The only big this is that it is a big 1280x1024 render. I changed to two area lights set to ray trace shadow and it’s in a box, unfortunately the box rendered black, which doesn’t concern me to much.

The sides are very plain compared to your front and back. I think someone suggested scaling them in. You could also do other things like extrude. But do something to make the side more interesting.

I think you should scale in the sides as i said before so you cant see the inside of the body, you can see that where the wheels are.

They are a little plain, but it was what I was going for. The only thing that I did not do from my original sketch was I did not incorporate the sharp body line where the top meets the sides. I was thinking of adding like a piece of trim down the side in order to break up the side. As for the wheels, well that is more do to me not moving them our when I flared the fenders out more to make the car wider that before.

As far as major changes to it, I have move pass the point of doing so as the poly count on the basic mesh is to high. I am probably going to alter things such as where the wheels sit and all that in order to take car of some problems, but I am trying to leave the body as it is, so I don’t have to go back and redo everything to before I started to cut up the mesh into the different body parts.

Well here is just another quick update to show that I am still working on this thing. It’s another render that is more of a front view and the only thing I did to it was move the wheels further out. I also fit my scene so that it actually renders instead of the blackness. I have been thinking of going back to one of the previous meshes and working from there, tweaking things to make it look better.

It looks much better now!! Go to the open blender material repositroy and look for a cool car material if you want:

Well I still have a bit more to do such as the seats and interior. I am still deciding whether to make it left or right hand drive. I also need to make brake rotors and calipers as well as decide if I want to use racing style wheels with only the center nut or make wheels with lug bolts. I also need to find a better tire material and create a uv mapped texture and bump map for the side walls.

I am still deciding whether or not to have tread on the tires or just do slicks.

I also need to do the side windows, the window rubber, door handles, windshield wipers, bumper brackets and bolts, spoiler mounts (as it is just free floating over the rear of the car), inner fenders, the under body, exhaust, engine, or at least the oil pan of the engine, put either a radiator or black out behind the grill, and put on all the badges. Of course if I wanted to do insane, I could also add to my list creating a better bump map for my headlights.