GTX 1070: CUDA Error: Launch failed in cuCtxSynchronize()

Getting this error when trying to render display in Blender 2.78 RC with GTX 1070.

I’m getting this error intermittently when testing out the new displacements stuff on a GTX 960.

I dont have this problem with 2.78 RC and my 1080

anyone? i’d really like to do some modeling tonight

You dont need cuda for modelling?

can you submit a bug report also? helping the devs get to the bottom of it.

I got it fixed. I had to delete the objects in my scene with displacement. That fixed it


This is for anyone that happens to stumble upon this thread. I had a similar issue with cycles, and had ample amounts of VRAM for rendering certain scenes and benchmark test files.

I discovered rebooting your system helps because there may be an issue with the Nvidia drivers, and your system may simply need to be rebooted. Another way to fix this issue is switching to a previous driver, and then switching back to the most recent driver. By doing it this way, you also have to reboot your system.

This is just a theory, but trying one or both of these methods may help reset and fix some code linking issues between your OS, the Nvidia drivers, and Blender.

If this doesn’t help, there could be other issues.

So far, things seem to be operating as before. I’ll give it some time, and hopefully this issue doesn’t come up again.

Happy Blending :slight_smile: