GTX 1080 GPU problem when trying to render in Blender

I am curious about the benchmarks published under

They do include the GTX 1000 series. Is the CUDA issue just occurring in a few machines? I just assumed the support was not avaliable for any cards under the 1000 series.

Also @Total Legend, would you please try bench marking the card and see how it fairs as of now! :slight_smile:

OK so the default scene renders and displays fine with my gtx1060 but when I try in older and more complicated scenes it instantly and quietly closes blender. Any ideas?

Nope, but i have the same problem with my 1080.

Are you guys using the nightly builds or the release 2.77 version?

I have a 1060 sitting in my closet as I am still yet to finish buying all the parts for my new PC!

I used blender 2.78

I really hope the CUDA toolkit gets release soon, so that we can have full fledged support for the GTX 1000 series cards. Kinda makes me feel I made a mistake buying the 1060 instead of the 970. They were at the same price! :frowning:

In one month when everything works you’ll be glad of your 1060.

Really hope so! Cant wait for the card to run on its full potential.

8hoursleep post a few benchmarks when that time comes please.

I’ve used the gtx1060 in substance painter and it shows promise on what it’ll be like in cycles. Great card for the price.

Will do! Def for the price it packs some good performance. VR and 4K gaming along with some decent overclocking potential. Its a very well rounded card for the price.

I am just waiting on the last components, and I’ll be assembling my PC. Once I do so, Ill be posting benchmarks with the night builds.

@8hoursleep, everything I’ve read and seen agrees with your assessment. The guy below sure does.


Good night to all. I also get a gtx 1060 and I’m running with a problem. I came to ask your opinion.
If I run cycles with Full Global Illumination an Path Tracing with 4096 AA (64 samples X Square samples) (yes, no antialiasing I know) it continues the render smoothly until the end, very clean image.
Keeping the Full Global Illumination and changing to Branched Path Tracing (Square Samples, D8 G8 1 1 1 1 1) with 4 AA samples, it’s enough to crash the Graphics Driver.
Is it because the kernel is not the final one, or Branched Path Tracing is very Graphics Card stress, or any other reason?
Sorry for the bad English.
Thank you very much!

For what it’s worth I have a GT card that also crashes when attempting to use branched path tracing.

I just bought a new PC with a gtx 1080 - not just for rendering with Blender but for processing point clouds also.
Disappointed to find that the 1080 isn’t supported in 2.77 but hey - this is complex stuff and someone (i’m not sure who) is putting it all together. I’m happy to wait for a stable release - although I do hope that Cycles will eventually be able to make use of all those cores.

omnivorist, download the latest 2.78 RC. It is working. I got my old scenes that were crashing to work after some material removing/organizing/copying. Works great.

Yup I tired that too! it works now. So far I havnt seen any crashes. My current configuration is an i5 6600K @ 4.2 GHz with 16 GB RAM DDR4 and a GTX 1060 6GB. So far just run the BMW benchmarks - Time: 05:56.88