GTX 1080 vs GTX570 SLI (1280Mb)

Hi guys,

I just saw Blenchmark page which says that 2xGTX 570 rendered something for 48secs, comparing to one GTX 1080 - 70secs? or even TITAN X - 58secs?

You all know that page but here’s link -

Is that result possible? Can someone explain that to me?

I am thinking of replacing 2 x gtx 570 with one 1080 or even adding so I would have 3 cards if that’s possible, but if this is the result, i will think about it again.

Blender is just beginning to support Pascal cards, and apparently CUDA 8 is not working well for now. In addition, Blenchmark results are not reliable for some reasons already mentioned in the forum.

It is very important that you have this clear:"cards"+"vram""out%20of%20memory"+"vram""cycles"+"sli"